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There is a ton of literature about walking, I have only touched the surface Reading about others’ experiences and journeys can be inspiring. Sometimes we all need a little help; when we can’t be bothered or have lost our mojo.! I have created my Good Reads Page and will update it each time, I find a good read.

In the meantime, if anyone can recommend a Good Read, Please feel free to do so.

Get out there and explore a little.

page cover story of Harold fry

I recommend the next time you walk anywhere, yes even the shops; try taking a different route and get curious you will soon get the bug.

From: urban guided walks, to canal walks,  & river walks long walks in the country, themed walks, or historical guided tours. There are thousands of options.

No matter where you live. I would recommend joining a walking group at first. If you have a friend who likes walking even better, otherwise check out the Ramblers website and just get out there.


Wildflowers on the cliff top


  • The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry- Rachel Joyce
  •  Strayed Cheryl- Wild
  • Walking London’s -Waterways Gilly Cameron Cooper
  • London Walks,- On Foot Guides Celia Wolfram
  • Walking Haunted London – original walks exploring London’s Ghostly Past- Richard Jones
  • London Pub Walks -campaign for real ale Bob Steel
  • Kent Walks Pathfinder guide –
  • Jarrold publishing
  • Walk Britain Great Views- The Ramblers Top 50 Walking routes to Britain’s finest views. (available to all members)
  •  Ramble On -The story of our love for walking Britain, by Sinclair McKay. 
  • Wanderlust A History of Walking  Rebecca Solnit







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