April is the cruellest month

April is the CruelleSt month is something I quote often in April.

One minute sunshine the next snow.  Until now I didn’t know the line came from a poem, The Waste Land written by T.S Eliot. The poet is speaking of death and in particular the death of winter and the emerging life- of spring; not quite ready, but we are enticed from our slumbers,.

Then it freezes again. April is the cruellest month, I agree. I venture out anyway. Life is for living and I need some time out.

I’m barely here but I’m here!

Wimbledon Common, the start of the walk.


We are nearly ready to spring into life…


Usually the month of April conjures up many thoughts of new beginnings.

We associate the month of April with a time of new starts, it is spring, plants push threw the soil; new born lambs are born and easter symbolises rebirth, The clocks go forward, the days are lighter, there is so much hope but it can also be extremely cold and as has happens it snows..


April 12th is an official Government date that lifts us out of our Lockdown ‘provisionally’ Go forth with caution!.  

The month of April, is a mixture of the dark and the light, a day out in Seaford was the first journey I thought about but then remembered that despite the restrictions lifting; the bars and cafes are outside only. It can wait..

Walking from Wimbledon Common to Richmond park then down to the River Thames just before Barnes was an easy walk. It’s the first time I have done it and it was enjoyable but I was ready to go home after 10 miles. If we weren’t in this crazy lock down coming out phase ,I might have carried on to Hammersmith and sat by the river.

Blue sky Blue lake , peace in Richmond Park.


After crossing an awful busy road, a quick walk down Ship lane with a brewery to the right, and  five minutes later at the Thames.

Rowing along the Thames..


Barnes Bridge  over the beach on Thames April 21


Looking back at other April walks

Places to visit in April The Grayson perry/Essex walks is definately on the cards again

I can’t believe my post last April 2019 was so full of hope. I visited Bristol, Essex and Margate in one month, which is pretty good going. If you want to read about Grayson Perry’s house follow this link.https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2015/may/10/grayson-perry-a-house-for-essex-stonking-shrine  A walk from Manningtree to the house GP designed it’s a good day out with plenty of variety of scenery.

Time out in London



I had some bits of business to do and was out and about in Bermondsey. Afterwards I walked down to the river. I realised it was ST Georges day, as groups of mainly men congregated, celebrating out in the pubs.

I’ve not seen so many people outside he pubs. It is after all April, and spring; lockdown has eased the rules.  A drink outside the pub is ok.

For the first time I could really see the impact of overbuilding down by the river and how big a working class community lives side by side with overdevelopment.

Bermondsey street London Bridge is smart but it’s time to leave it now and let it be. It must get suffocating in the summer as there’s little green space.  On this particular day, a persistent chill blew alongside the emerging sun.

Rotherhithe a mystery solved.

Is it art or functional?


I found what I was looking for

After a quick walk to Rotherhithe to see if I could find out more information about a photograph previously taken and could not identify .I arrived outside The Brunel museum off Railway street.

I was about to ask a woman working there when I noticed the sign underneath it! Explaining what the object was.!

I felt satisfied that I now could name the object in my photograph. My day  could now be ticked off as having achieved something!

The overground train station is 1 minute away from Railway Street in Rotherhithe. It got me to Pimlico in no time at all.

It was lovely to find a quite open space in the sun. The Tate Gallery was closed; as was their small garden at the front of the building. An available bench just beside the Tate Gallery was a sun trap. I sat there for 15 minutes waiting for  a friend.



We eventually had our first drink ‘outside of a pub’ sitting in the shade , the prices had gone up, but still it was worth it just to feel some sort of normality.

Until next time Keep on Keeping on.





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  1. Thank you for your feet and a great walk! I feel like I was walking with you. I love your sense of nature mixed in with great observations of London. Yes, spring is a great time of re-birth….

    I look forward to your next walk. graham

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