New walks 2020

 New walks in 2020 are plentiful

There are literally hundreds of thousands of new walks in 2020. Finding and selecting is the most difficult part to do. I’m not laying out any plans yet.  My ideas are many, but the practicalities and the arranging of finances are complex. I did my first walk of the year in Buckinghamshire, and the following week I decided to take a stroll along the river and pop into Somerset House. I was curious to see the illuminated bridges. It is still a work in process. 

Illuminated river


By winter 2020 all of the bridges will be illuminated. It’s a huge and expensive project, but how magnificent. The city already looks fantastic at night, it is a treat to see.

We only got as far as the Millennium Bridge as it was dark and cold, but the work looks promising.

In the warmth of Somerset House, it was fun to experience a relaxing pod, they are displayed in the foyer you can sit in there for 20 minutes listening to tranquil sounds. I had no trouble getting into that.


It isn’t always ideal to go out walking in the winter and sometimes it’s better to curl up with a book; something I have picked up recently is an interesting read by Patti Smith.  A highly original book called Year of the Monkey which expresses thoughts while in a year of solitary walking, (not logical) a dreamlike visionary read. see my page- good reads for further reads. 

Or if you have to get out, how about a bit of Sky Watching?

This is something I will get round to one of these days. A lot of the activities are during the week, in the Brighton/Lewes area. If you have the time, well worth a visit.


Moongazing on the i360 on 9 February.


This event in Lewes Sussex looks impressive. Glide up gently to 450ft in the futuristic glass viewing pod and enjoy views of the National Park and night’s sky, guided by Dark Skies expert Dan Oakley. The venue will be turning off the lights for an exclusive and extended 45-minute stargazing pod flight as part of this year’s Festival. While onboard there will be an opportunity to explore the views from the BAi360 pod through telescopes. Booking is essential. For more details see :


Chelsea Physic Gardens is another place to visit and cheer the soul on a bleak winter day.

Check out their heralding spring event starting 25/01/2020- 2nd February. It’s a short window but check out their other events.



This was the first walk of the year Denham Village and golf course along the Grand Union Canal and Colne Valley Trail to Pynesfield Lake then along the Hillingdon Trail with some inclines through fields and woods with stiles, to Rickmansworth.

We stopped for lunch at the Coy Carp pub alcohol-free of course! (Dry January for the 1st times ever)

It’s only about 30 minutes outside of London and has a great nature resort. Only last week Chris Packham was protesting about the plans to build the HS2 line through this area. Jonathan Pie in the video below sums it up! 


It does have a fantastic nature reserve and I can’t imagine they are just going to bulldoze and go direct through that! Are they?


I aim to do at least one 'official' walk with a walking group each month, 

Next walk coming up is SATURDAY 1ST OF FEBRUARY


My friend Karen passed away this month, after a long battle with cancer. RIP Karen, you always remained positive and thanks for encouraging me to carry on walking and writing at times, when I felt like giving up.





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