Walking in New York City

Walking in New York City 

 I didn’t expect to be Walking in New York City in 2017, I mean it wasn’t really something I was dreaming up! After a walking weekend in Keswick, the Lake District, I was now considering walking in New York City!

I met an Australian woman on a walking weekend in the Lake District, who told me about her recent visits to NYC. York.  She had told me how the Hudson River, area was being redeveloped. and how she had been walking in New York City, and how easy it was to walk along the Hudson River. Sh.e also recommended The Jane Hotel situated real near to the River Hudson

The Lake District

I felt inspired by her recommendations which alighted a flame I thought had long died, and a curiosity about the Big Apple awakened in me. My last visit had been around 2006. I have always loved my urban walks, and in recent years I was spending more time along the river.


Jane Hotel has quite a history.

In 1912, the survivors of the Titanic stayed at the hotel until the end of the American Inquiry into the ship’s sinking. I tend to write about the here & now, but if you like history click on the link below to read more about the history of The Jane.


Reception area at The Jane.

I really love this pic looking out towards Ellis Island from the Hudson river near The Jane.


THE JANE HOTEL is situated on the embankment of the Hudson River.

It is near where the old meatpacking district used to be and borders on the Chelsea area. If I had to compare it with an area in London, it would be Belgravia around the back of Victoria. The area hosts neat ‘little’ townhouses (at a Grand Price). As well as very good restaurants & cafes. The Mole restaurant was my favorite, a Mexican place with fantastic food & drinks. We ordered a ridiculous amount of food, not knowing what things were. Drowned down with non-alcoholic cocktails, it was fantastic. Probably about 5000 calories just in that sitting.

BACK in 1986,  I travelled alone to NYC on a budget. I was aged 25 with 700 dollars in my pocket.


In those days it was  $3 a night for a room in a hostel in Harlem. I was young free and single with 4 weeks to explore. It was easy to really get to know the whole of the city at that time and explore further afield  & beyond from The Bronx to New Jersey, and Long Island.

I had after all travelled to the city, with the vague aim of meeting musicians. Although I did meet a few musicians and saw a lot of live music. The extended visit had to end. I tried to sell my ticket to go on a road trip to L.A but it wasn’t to be. 

I never get tired of seeing The Statue of Liberty, one of many pictures taken from the ferry crossing to Staten Island.

This trip to New York felt very different from my visit in 1986.  

 The room in the Jane Hotel was tight. You could not move, for the two bunk beds took up most of the limited space.  It was stuffy and humid. We kept the air conditioning on all night. With only a tiny window covered in black mesh, it made no odds. You could not open it and the view was a brick wall.  If you woke up it was difficult to tell if it was morning or night!


We walked 70 miles over 7 days

We walked about 10 miles every day. One of the walks was from Harlem to 5th Avenue Central Park. I attempted to revisit the hostel in St Nicholas Avenue 345th street, I had stayed in back in 1986-7.  On this visit, I couldn’t quite place it. Still, it was interesting to revisit the area.

 Like re- visiting your home town, nothing looks quite the same. Nothing is the same, nor ever will be! 

I really enjoyed seeing it all again; although, it’s a fierce city and it was extremely hot every day and this was September. The subway stations were unbearable and it felt like being locked in a launderette, with the driers on full heat all day.

We got to know the area of Williamsburg where we found a great little venue called the Union Pool. 

They had a great DJ, with a good-sized dance hall. A music venue tucked inside, with a different entrance and a large artificial garden outside, with more bars. The bar sold a beer with a shot of tequila for a few dollars.

Cops at Diner Williamsburg


I can’t remember how many of those I had or how we got back to the hotel.! We wandered off with a couple of guys we had made friends with. Sad to say I don’t recall much of our late-night adventure, out on the town!



Coney Island, The Freak Show is no longer there.

Generally, the food was abundant and good everywhere we went.

We visited the Russian Brighton Beach area twice as it was hot enough to swim and sunbathe. In fact, it was baking.

Juicy Melons

Brighton Beach Subway.


 We enjoyed a fantastic meal at Tatiana a Russian Restaurant, situated along the seafront. We were treated to a blast of  Russian singing; The service was fantastic and the food was great.

I felt the beach had lost some of its edginess. Well, in fact, all of its edge. It had been cleaned up a lot. No ladies with snakes, or the tattooed man-eating fire and that sort of thing were on display. I had been entranced on my last visit there with the tattooed fire-eating man. I guess these days most people look like the tattooed man.

Cats for Sale in Union Square

The cats looked so well looked after and all the cages had little notes attached with stories written on them. The stories told were about where the cats were found; mainly in places like The Bronx, and poor areas of NYC. Some cats had missing feet or legs. So sad, but very encouraging to see The New Yorker’s volunteering to help home the abandoned cats.


Abandoned cats for sale in Union Square all with a story to tell.

American Indian Mask from the Met.


I revisited the Met in search of a lost item.

Every now and again, I see a design that inspires me and had thought about putting it onto a tee-shirt. It’s one of those ambitions that pops up every now and again

 I was hoping on this visit I might be able to purchase the same book, in which the South American Indian design that inspired me all those years ago, might be found. ! I  had lost the book somewhere along the line. It was probably when the basement of my flat got flooded out. The mask above had been in that particular book, so I was on the right track, it has to be out there somewhere.

I never did find it.


Until Next time, Keep on Keeping on. It’s all you can do.

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