On the road to nowhere

 This walk often felt like being- On the road to nowhere

Following directions isn’t always easy. We had a print out of a walk, I had found online. It was very detailed but difficult to follow, it felt like we were on the road to nowhere stuck in a field not knowing South from North. 

Moving up- dusty path upwards


which way is South?

Map not included!

Over the years though, I have improved and continue to push myself out of my comfort zones. Other skills required to be a Good Walk Leader are:

  • Being punctual!
  • Thinking ahead,
  • Booking trains in advance, (that can be very time consuming, and very confusing)
  • Wearing the right clothes for the right weather,

Last but not least, just getting out and doing a walk when I might not feel like it.

HOLY COW IN SOUTH DOWNS with two new borns..

HOLY COW IN SOUTH DOWNS with two newborns.


I had printed the Walk instructions from Ramblers Routes( 09 )  This walk was not as straightforward as most of it was in fields

Uhh. Which way is South?

It takes time to learn these things. Not everybody was brought up in the country reading ordnance survey maps, I didn’t have a  map or a reception to get google maps on my phone. It’s fair to say I wasn’t prepared. Still, we managed in the end.

Trying to make head or tail of the instructions while standing in the middle of a field! It was turn left here, turn right then left at a hedge then over a stile 30 meters from a fence facing West, etc…then bear south! (Help!)

looking back towards Ilford a lot of fields a lot of sheep


On top of any walk, there are usually ‘hidden extras’, walking to & fro from the station. Meandering around a town or village looking for somewhere to eat or drink. (In this case there wasn’t a town to walk about in!).

 We arrived at a place called Iford not to be confused with Ilford.


It is officially a village and civil parish in the Lewes District of East Sussex. It does not have a shop café or pub, only a church, and a few random houses. Had I misread something? I was anticipating some kind of vineyard or Spanish Cafe towards the end of the walk.! Where did I get that from!

Now, what was that written in the walk description?
Still it was 28th of March and we were glad of some fresh air and light. 
At last the days were getting longer. At the top of a hill, we cross the South Downs Way carrying on with slight ascents and descents and endless seclusion, we pass Breaky bottom Vineyard, but no sign of any cafe/wine tasting sessions.

It got a bit confusing again after this as there weren’t clear directions as to how to get to the coastal town of Saltdean. We walked and walked until we got down to a football pitch and then came out to a road with some holiday homes. We headed to the main road, which was the main road to Brighton then and jumped on a bus and headed for the Bright lights.

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Until next time, keep on keeping on.

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