September 2016

In September 2016, I happened to visit a few places. I was in Hastings, Palma and France!


Alligator sand sculpture

 September 2016, was a busy month for me. The above sand sculpture,while crumbling slightly, still looked impressive. This man-made lake is a very relaxing hang out. A perfect place to cool off. A 20 -30 minute walk from Montcuq village.

Lake near Montcuq on a perfect summer day


Fantastic walking area in Hastings


Rye to Hastings, or Hastings to Rye,

Either way this is one of the most difficult walks I have done, and I still haven’t cracked how to do it exactly without the aid of someone else. I’m sure I could do so, if I lived nearer and had time to get to know it. It remains one of my favorite walks all the same. Best done in May or June.

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Hastings Country Park, bigger than you think



It was my first ever all inclusive holiday. I know I’m maybe the only person on the planet who has never sampled this experience.! I had to try it once and there were many good things about it. Not so much the free bar as the types of drinks you could get weren’t great. Unless you like getting pissed on cheap cocktails.

In the mountains of Palma


The hotel was really good, the pools were nice and the food was plentiful, probably all that free food was too much for me.  I don’t know what it was exactly, I felt a bit imprisoned because I couldn’t walk anywhere really and I felt the main resorts were just full of German tourists out to get totally drunk! Not my cup of tea.  Perhaps if I had stayed in the centre of Palma and just taken a couple of days out at a beach I might have enjoyed that much more. My first and probably last all inclusive type of holiday.

More posts coming up in October, last day of the month, every month.



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