Sharing Blogs

Sharing Blogs

Sharing blogs with other writers and journalists helps us to create a  writing community.  Online forums are a useful place for writers to connect with other writers, or for those who write a blog.

Online forums are a great place to share information & it is encouraging to be part of a group.  It gives us a chance to open up to a larger and more diverse audience.

We can all benefit from this experience.  Writers often work alone and they do need some sort of feedback. Writers can  be a lonely lot at times.

I think sharing blogs is a good idea. Manjuaga is a devotee to yoga and Buddhism. He also writes blogs that are a joy to read. He is a thoughtful, & natural writer.


It was at The Buddhist Centre called Dhanasoka in Scotland where we met. After the retreat, I read Manjuanga’s blogs.  He lives in Manchester and runs yoga classes on a regular basis. He can be found on twitter.@Manjunaga.


Some of my pictures from the retreat

A rare quiet road

Spring Rites

In his blog called Spring Rites, Manjuaga writes about the riots that broke out in Paris; caused by the Avant-garde nature of the new music to hit the Parisian audience.


The avant-garde nature of the music & the new modern form of choreography caused a riot in the streets of Paris.

Artists such as Stravinsky and Nijinsky taught a new dynamic invention, in which they broke away from old traditions. They created a different type of dance. the audience did not know what to do!


The Punk revolution had the same impact on society.Manjuanga believes that practicing yoga can benefit us all from being rigid and stuck in our ways.

The act of movement keeps us alive and well.

to see more writing from Manjunaga -the link is here.






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