Short Walks

I’m getting used to doing short walks, nearer home. In some ways, these local walks can work out quite well.

The short walks I have done lately haven’t exactly been unusual, new, or exciting but there are quite a few hills around my area. My humble abode is tucked in-between Brixton Hill, Tulse Hill & Herne Hill, I often walk up Herne Hill through Ruskin Park to my place of work, off Denmark Hill.

Swan among the reeds Brockwell Park

Brixton Market in Lockdown


The last short walk I did was from Brockwell Park, up to Gypsy Hill into Crystal Palace to visit the Secret Garden.

I miss getting out further afield but those days will come back eventually; the upside is at least I managed to do some painting and writing. My creative urges are crying for attention

Domestic do great online courses at reasonable costs, the first one I enrolled on was called turning your doodles into art.

For years I doodled cats which were somewhat comical, but possibly a bit scruffy, and vague looking. Possibly I can progress to something else.?

SHORT WALKS, in the local area

I can’t pretend I’m thrilled at being in lockdown. It’s not good.

 All organised walks with the South Bank Group,  have been cancelled until further notice.

Instead, I can do short walks, & other stuff. Somehow we need to find the positive out of what could be seen as a stagnant situation!

The only plan I have left in place, that could still go ahead, is a hill walking retreat in Scotland, booked for 3/7. I am really looking forward to that.

A quiet road – somewhere in Scotland

I don’t want to say too much about this upcoming event just yet

The hill walking retreat is based in Scotland, the nearest main station is Stirling. I have only visited once before, on a yoga retreat in 2011.

While I was staying there on a yoga retreat the set up was quite regimental. I did wander off a couple of times alone,  but without maps and a sense of direction, was limited and could not  stray far.

Next time, I’m going to try the Hill Walking course, led bya professional hill walk leader. 

For further details of the retreat, you can check their website below. Beautiful Lake

I intend to master the Rye to Hastings walk one day.

My plan to lead a joint walk from Rye to Hastings in June this year has been scrapped, due to Lockdown.  I feel like I’m repeating myself but this is all that’s happening. !

I still have those days booked off, so I could do something else instead- but what?

Below is my blog from September 2012, walking from Rye to Hastings. I have done this walk several times, but only led the walk once and that was not plain sailing.

Rye to Hastings walk


I think it will be September before I attempt to do this walk 
again. Below are some pictures from the first time walking this brilliant but long route.

Rye to Hastings walk


Up and down near Hastings


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