spring to summer

spring into  summer


 It was the hottest day of the year so far when my walking partner and I opted for a cheap day out and visited Walthamstow Wetlands Nature Resort. The April frost finally gone, we glimpsed the potential of summer arriving. As Spring merges into summer, going out walking further afield becomes more attractive.

Spring merges into the light

May and June are special months. the weather is nicer and the dark nights have gone. The trees have blossomed and the flowers have bloomed.  AS we head out we can feel lighthearted. The Dark nights have faded away.

There are a few very special birthdays in May and June the month of Gemini, which in the Zodiac, symbolises  the twins. In Astrology this represents the personality that has both duality and flexibility!  Gemini is an air sign, as is libra my sign. We share the traits of living in a world of ideas. Idealists and dreamers, think John Lennon (libra)& Paul McCartney.(Gemini)

That’s my mystic meg interpretation out of the way!!

This machine picks up a twig every now & then I’m sure these waters were muddy and filthy some years ago. The fact that it only managed a wee twig is a good sign. 


A stones throw away from the city, peace and quite can be found.

Blue sky all day today. Spring is most certainly here.



Beam of light along the way in Walthamstow.


The peace and quiet was short lived.

WALKING BACK FROM BLACK PRINCE ROAD TO WALTHAMSTOW we came across this mural near James overground station.


There was a large ethnic community selling all sorts and the market went on for miles it reminded me a bit of the market at East Street off the Old Kent Road South London. We walked about half way up the mile, but we had done our walk and trudging slowly in a crowd wasn’t really something I wanted to do.


Getting back to Brixton overground then underground ,the crowding was intense.

One thing i have to say is about any walk in a beautiful, or tranquil place is that getting back from that to my usual place of abode can feel very jarring! It is my aim to find a place to live/stay often that is nearer nature. I have come across a few places in my time but not sure at this stage of life I could afford to live in those places. The search is on.

A man a map out in the south Downs starting at Lewes.

It’s always nice to let someone else lead as it gives me more time to admire the scenery and take pictures. This is a place I could live, near a river close to the South Downs and not far from the sea,The walk we did started at Lewes.

We had been fortunate to pick up a special offer from national rail and got a return ticket for £5.50


We didn’t have any instructions this time, but my partner had decided he was going to lead the way and even take a map! What got into him I don’t know, maybe the spring air!.  I’m glad he appreciates the thought that goes into planning a day out and leading a walk. The day went well I have to say and  we did a kind of circular walk via Rodmell and Kingston.

My partner estimated the walk would be about 7-8 miles which was a bit of an under estimation. We somehow got a glimpse of the sea up in the downs as we had gone a little too far the wrong way. Getting lost, is all part of learning. Still was nice to see the sea in the distance. Next walk will be to the sea from either Berwick in Sussex, or Lewes.

I had my man with the map and we went for it over 14 miles walking that day. I can see why people might want to just call it a weekend, as those downs are massive. After a long hike all day, a meal at the end of it, a nice place to stay would be welcome.

It’s always disappointing to have to go back to London after a lovely day like that. Although Lewes is only 1 hour 20 minutes out of London. It probably took as long getting back overground from Walthamstow the previous week.



We got some very hot sun at the very beginning of the walk then the clouds appeared. Luckily there was a sprinkle of rain lasting a few minutes so all was well.

An abandoned old wreck. I have an affinity with old wrecks! (being one myself!)


further along the river away from Lewes we follow the river.

What have we got here? The poor old sheep were stranded. They just stood there not even bleating. Fortunately a local with a dog had spotted them before us and called for help. It took about an hour for the help to arrive. Their little hooves were sinking in the mud., they lifted them occasionally to reposition.

3 lost sheep. Further along we met the farmer who said he had lost 10 and asked us if we had we seen anymore.


How she got in we weren’t sure but she wasn’t going anyway until the farmer gets there. We had a quick chat with him, and it was great to see him rescue this one as she went running back to her gang. Dunno where the other 6 went!

Bales of Hay always look serene to me.


This was a fantastic walk and I’m well pleased we are eventually making use of the maps purchased years ago. Also nowadays if you buy a map you can also get the digital version on your phone.Don’t forget to download it before you go out!

Dusty road Up high on the South Downs

Amazing contrast of colour in this picture.  The sandy white chalky pathway merged with the wild plants and BIG BLACK CLOUDS. A bit further down we could see the sea and knew we had missed a turning.



Windmill near Kingston near Lewes.

Walking away from the Black Clouds towards Lewes .


Farewell merry month of May  A blog from last year in the month of May.


As June arrives I  have more reason to be happy , as I finally reduce my hours at work with more free time to explore.




Until then keep on keeping on









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