Autumn Walks starting at Guildford

Walking from Guildford to Shere.

 Overall the route Guildford to Shere was easy and part from a bit of drizzle, we were in good form, and everyone enjoyed the walk. I had made arrangements to hook up with my walking group and an old friend from North London who I wanted to catch up with.

I set off to Guildford which is only half an hour on the train from London.  It was a moderate walk over Pewley Down onto St Martha’s Hill; then Pilgrims Way. We had a fantastic pub lunch at the Drummond AlburyAfterwards an ascent & we were walking through woods, this led us to  Albury Heath and down to Shere a pretty village.

Walking from Guildford to Shere was about 7 miles. Part of the walk was on The North Downs. I don’t know the area especially well, but getting out there reinforced my belief that it is good to go out with a walking group, even if only once in a while. You can do it anyway you please; as a social thing or exercise and choose the groups that suits. It is nice to have a 7 mile walk in the fresh air, and get out into nature. It felt rejuvenating.

I woke up the morning after with a lovely ache in my legs, my eyes slightly stinging from the soft drizzle of rain on yesterdays’ walk, but I felt so good, better than I have felt in a long time. I would like to aim to be a bit fitter (as always) in the New year and go on longer walks and perhaps next year a walking holiday or two with a group /alone/or a friends. Let’s see.

The weekend before at the coast   

Beach huts

Walking from Whitstable to Seasalter as the sky starts to cloud over

It was lovely to have my first autumn stroll of the year along the coast, a very straight walk from Seasalter to Whitstable.  We come across a real cute cafe in Whitstable. I noticed a great range of gins and beers produced by local suppliers.  Waltshaws’Kentish Pantry 19 Harbour Street Whitstable Kent.


old relic 


They sold Gin made by Anno Distillers a small artisanal spirits producers. I’m not really a Gin drinker but was sold on the design of the bottle.  It’s not usual to see Beer and spirits sold in cafes but there was a great range of locally produced drinks.

A few of the brewers include :

Nip from the Hip, Mad cat Brewery & Canterbury Brewers. check out

Then we ambled down to the harbour where we had fantastic fish and chips. 


Further Autumn travels in Torquay on Saturday evening

A short walk from the centre of town.  Truly beautiful coastal views.

Beautiful Devon

I arrived in time to attend my nephew’s friends birthday party and then on Sunday a little stroll along the beach at Paignton. Having sat on a coach the day before for a very long time I was desperate to stretch my legs. 

I managed to have a lovely little walk just at the edge of Torquay a few miles just out of the town centre up the hill for fantastic sea views and a bit of peace and quiet.


My first visit to Anstey’s cove 

Not a bad end to the year. As always there is a lot of things in the air still and I will need the help of a professional next Year to help me with my online goals. This will be the last blog of the year and I hope I can get all my glitches sorted out for next year so I can carry on with my blogging and other adventures.


Until then Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.




















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