Summer Walks

In August 2018 I was feeling reflective, In June I had been walking along the cliff tops in Northumberland. Summer walks can be some of the most beautiful walks.

My summer walks were short-lived. Returning to London in the heatwave in June, was intense. I had work to do and a course to attend. I wish I could have spent a whole month just doing summer walks across the cliff tops. Instead, I had to get back to London after a few days. As always work and courses dominate my life.

Summer walks just taking in the Stunning scenery in Northumberland  

Northumberland, Craster coastline

waves crashing on cliffs

Blue sea rugged cliffs, June 2018 Northumberland

Old friends (eh not so much of the old,!) go back a long way…  from Newcastle & South Shields enjoying the sunshine


looking at you, looking at me

Handsome cliffside sheep


Politics/Unite, Angel-Islington & Farringdon, London

On a recent UNITE REP course situated between Angel and Farringdon, I found this little spot by the Canal to sit in at lunchtime. No matter what I’m doing or where I am, I usually find hidden spots. The Unite Course was intense for a whole week, so finding a bit of space was heaven.

Although I haven’t had the time to go on any more summer walks lately, I’m still Clocking up the steps.

Walking from My house to Herne Hill and from  Farringdon Station to the Unite Office; I walked up to Upper Street Islington for lunch and walked back to Farringdon at the end of the day to take the train, this all clocked up about 5 miles a day.




As well as walking at the weekend from Victoria to Blackfriars to the TATE MODERN  walking 8 miles. It all adds up.

five minutes from Angel Station

                                Regent Canal  Islington

Dave a Unite Rep & bus driver, told me this story

I love my walk to work. It’s about 7 kilometers and takes just over an hour. The first part of the trail is through the quiet back road, through a park, and to the local area City Centre (Woolwich ).  Here I can jump on a bus (if running late) to work. It’s the highlight of my day; taking a bag of peanuts to feed the squirrels in the park. Where I can get my best ideas by walking. Arriving at work my mind is fully charged with ideas.


a chair a bridge an old boat and a cancal

Away from the main street was this little spot- Regents Canal Islington


As a Unite Rep Dave deals with drivers on a daily basis; who are dealing with poor health due to the job demands and lack of healthcare from privately-owned companies. It is a dog-eat-dog world & all he/we can do is fight for our rights for better working conditions.

Helping ourselves is the first step towards freedom. Keeping on walking and getting the exercise as well as just seeing different places makes a whole load of difference to a mind that is filled with politics of one kind or another; be it office politics or general politics. There is no end to it all.

As Old man, Bob Dylan said, “you gotta serve somebody.”

My next idea to start a new walking Meet Up Group is on the cards, and I will roll that out in September and see how that goes. It will start slowly, leading occasional Sunday walks. Watch this space.


RAA headlines

Daily Crap Headlines

Grayson Perry RA coordinates the biggest, brightest, and most colorful Summer Exhibition yet, in our 250th annual celebration of “art made now”.(RAA)

summer exhibition



I attended the Royal Academy Summer Show again this show, not knowing what to expect. It’s always reassuring to see the massive collection from the sublime to the ridiculous. It’s been my ambition for a long time to write about art. As yet I just haven’t gotten around to it. I may do yet. 

storm in a teacup! or not?!


The summer is coming to an end, and the heat was intense making some situations unbearable, so I’m glad to see the back of it and embracing cool beautiful September & October, with much to do as always.

Coming up next month


last month has many more episodes of the exciting North East Trip

Escaping the heatwave



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