A tale of two walks.


Walking around London, and walking in the countryside in the Chiltern Hills

My latest two walks, could not have been more different.  Walking to Chelsea from Brixton via Clapham into my favorite London space, Battersea Park. This is an easy walk I do on a regular basis.  

Once Upon a Time, I cycled there to work. These days, I  pop up there for a change of scenery and walk through the park and over Chelsea Bridge. The Kings Road is basically a mainstream shopping street, these days. During my time spent there, I have come across; George Best, Bob Geldof, Alan Clarke, and Mark Almond, to name a few; but the real-life characters have (in the main ) all gone. I love both of the two walks, as they are interesting in different ways. 

For some reason I decided to walk along by Chelsea Embankment towards Vauxhall, From there on It can only be described, as a nightmare around Vauxhall. alongside the High Rise buildings and ugly roadwork everywhere; it’s highly polluted with diversions everywhere. It is scary just crossing the road.

Pounding the pavements, alongside traffic can be a harrowing experience after about 6-7 miles of it.

Trudging on to Kennington, up towards the Oval cricket ground. I crossed over to Brixton Road. At this point somehow I managed to get caught up in a labyrinth of NEW sprawling housing estates, made up of blocks of housing at the beginning of Brixton Road, bordering on Camberwell. It was not fun.



An entirely different experience, walking through the woods and fields in the Chiltern Hills, we passed through places with names such as Ballinger Bottom and Lee. Look at that sky, how beautiful it is against the wheat. A real picture.

Big sky

Big sky

This group was led by the South Bank Ramblers, the journey took about an hour and a half on the starting from Brixton.

Edible Mushroom

Edible Mushroom


The Cock and Rabbit is famous for being used by CI Barnaby in the Midsummer Murders!, tv series. It was the pub where he often stopped off for a pint during one of his murder investigations. There is more than one sign for this pub. You can see the name of the pub named in the T.V series on the other side. The series Midsummer Murders epitomizes Middle-class English life and is so far-fetched with murders every week, so ludicrous but fascinating at the same time.

Before we reached the pub, as we rambled through woods and fields; and chatted with other walkers, we were drooling over what might be on the menu!  I tried to imagine the food! thinking of classic dishes served elegantly in a Bistro-type environment.
Images of my favourite tv chef, Gino D’Acampo came to mind!

As my mother often said, “you’ve got a vivid imagination!” it was wishful thinking anyway, no signs of anyone in the house so dishy! I was pretty shocked at the state of the interior which was basically dirty, but reluctantly ordered a pasta Sicilian dish that was piled up about a foot high. I felt sick looking at it and wish I had just got a packet of crisps. I’m no food critic but that pub is living off the merits that it attracts crowds based on its notoriety.  It is a lovely location, but they are getting away with murder!





As the nights draw in we have now reached the Autumn Equinox. I’m off to Belfast for my Birthday weekend and hope to have a few walks and tales to tell on my return.


Another one bites the dust. R.I.P  Lou Reed a true troubador!


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