Farewell merry month of May

The weather in May has been somewhat mixed. Only recently we had showers of sleet.

Usually walking in May is one of the better months. I took THE 37 bus to Putney at the beginning of May and had a wee amble along the river. I got off at East Putney underground station; turning right onto the high street. The weather on this particular day in May wasn’t too bad. It was a bit windy but the sun was out at least.

Not so much a merry month but at least it’s May & Lockdown has now been eased somehow 

  There are three stations in Putney and a disused Network rail platform at East Putney. In use at present there is: East Putney Underground station on Upper Richmond Road then Putney station on the high street as well as Putney Bridge Underground station, the latter which takes you out at a really nice entrance near the river and the station I know best.


Once I got off the high street it wasn’t long before I was down by the river, one of my favourite places to be, but I have to say it folks – I’m not sure how many days like this in London will be around.

While ambling along the river.I came across a sign near the brewery at Mortlake, where it highlighted an ongoing campaign.  The area is under threat from corporate companies. To be able to amble along the river away from crowds is a true joy. Once it gets overdeveloped that won’t be possible. Even if you don’t know the area it’s worth taking a look at the plans and voicing your opinion if you have one.

If the Major of London sells off these sites to Singapore investors, that is the end of  river walks., One of the few free pleasures in life.

Walk further up the Thames and you will be virtually knocked over by joggers. We don’t need more people living on the river…

Thames flooding

walking along the Thames without any bother from Business men!


Thames near Mortlake

somewhat flooded along The Thames Path



The tide is high at Putney

River Thames

walking along the river Putney


The launch of Great British Railway

Apparently the railways are ‘going back’ to being a public sector body. I’M NOT sure exactly what it means but I agree it needs an overhaul.

Over the years travelling on trains to get out for for walks; I have found that I have sort of got used to the split ticketing and crossing from one trainline -company to another. They ‘ are talking about having a fare system similar to the oyster pay as you go which is music to my ears.. lets connect and jump on and off the railways!!

May where spring pushes through the ground.




A wee preview of what’s coming up.

Next post will be about my recent BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND VISITING Holy Island.. A night along the Tyne.. and much much more. At time of post I am returning on the great LNER railway to Kings Cross London.


My best walks in 2020


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