Is it better to travel or arrive


Magic ward and fairy dust


Is it better to travel than arrive?!

I leave my building at 8.20 am, where I walk briskly down Railton Road to Brixton Tube. As I got to the station, my heart sunk as I was confronted by 2 queues being controlled at the top of the stairs. (crowd’ control!)  There are three staircases to the entrance at Brixton Tube Station, two going in and one for those coming out. There are considerably more who want to go in than come out.

Some deviants try to escape the cattle-like situation & huddle into a small lift, which is only big enough for about 4 people with suitcases. The scoundrels squeeze themselves in hoping to get to the platform without having to wait in line.

Arriving at Victoria Station, I was getting flustered at being diverted to a different exit. It was jam-packed and claustrophobic. . I start to feel panicky in the crowd trapped underground.

Further panic as I realised it wasn’t such a good idea trying to get on a peak time train to Gatwick with an off-peak train ticket. I managed to get away with it. I arrived at Gatwick, realised in the nick of time Easy Jet who usually depart from South Terminal had changed to North Terminal. If they emailed me that information I overlooked it.


 Is it better to travel than to arrive.?

What is it with this part of the journey, you are at the gate with a passport check/boarding pass & going on to the plane? You are told to put your handbag in your bag! Now walk 100 yards from here to the plane and take your bag out of your bag-Oh for Christ’s sake I’m getting annoyed and flustered now. All said and done once I sat on the plane I was fine.

The Journey French/English

Funny as soon as I got to France all office politics and tedious concerns had dissolved. There is no point caring about things you cannot change, but focusing on the things you can. My extremely limited understanding of the French language is shown up at the ticket bureau at the airport.

Buying a return ticket for the airport bus to Toulouse. We have a bit of a situation. The guy could speak good English.I can sort of string a sentence in French with missing bits!

It was a sort of polite battle of wills as to who was going to lead the conversation. I will make the effort but if the guy can speak fluent English and is keen to do so who am I to argue.? The journey to Toulouse was easy the roads not crowded and I was there in no time.

My next hurdle is buying my aller simple  (Single ticket)to Cahors! I had it written down on a bit of paper but wanted to practice speaking.

There was some confusion the lady misunderstood my request for a simple aller Cahors with a simple Latour de Carol.

Although I might be able to ask for something in French, I can’t always understand what they are saying back. Unless they pronounce it clearly and speak slowly.

She printed a ticket out and I asked if this was the Paris Train or the train that goes to Brive. Apparently not. This train was not going to either of those places. I knew something was wrong  Buried somewhere in my bag. I had this information written down, the exact time, price, and train type.  Eventually somehow, I revived my bit of paper. she reimbursed me with the correct ticket. Not too much tutting or disapproval expressed no harm done.

Better to travel than arrive.?

RL Stevenson’s original quote

“Little do ye know your own blessedness; for to travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive, and the true success is to labour.”  It is ultimately expressing that to live in hope and anticipation is more exciting than arrival.

Taoists also believed the journey is as important as arriving. Life is a journey. There’s a lot of talk these days about people being on journeys but usually people are waffling on about their careers or path to success.

I doubt this has much to do with any real journey of Taoist Wisdom, travelling far and wide.!  Modern travel these days has about as much romance in it as a Brussel Sprout, it feels more like being on a conveyer belt.

Brixton to Montcuq Door to Door is about a 12-hour journey


The Poplar Tree


Once fertilized, female catkins develop into fluffy cotton-like seeds, which fall in late summer. It was unseasonably warm this weekend in May, so perhaps this is happening earlier than usual. I had gone on a little walk out of the village and all this was streaming through the tree from a great height & sounded like gentle rain, it was quite magical, but I didn’t have my camera to make a video. Returning later in the day it had all settled.



Sienna a keen budding photographer, as well as a great Hip Hop Dancer.

Sienna Taking pictures in the village


Lots of stray cats in the village, this one didn’t look too bad though. Probably been in a few scraps..












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