Travelling on Trains

Travelling on trains can be extremely frustrating.

Buying a train ticket in advance has its advantages, but also limitations. ‘Going for a walk,’ just ain’t that easy!  Public Transport at the best of times can be tricky. I was looking forward to, the Hassocks to Lewes 10-mile linear walk in Sussex. If anyone left on the planet thinks that travelling on trains, is fun, they must be under 10 years of age

 Travelling on trains, for pleasure! is a thing of the past. It’s ok if you get super off-peak, tickets and travel midweek. For future reference folks, don’t bother buying advanced tickets, just pay the extra few quid for the super off-peak ticket. My last train journey to Chichester was also complicated, due to the return train being (the only one I was ‘permitted on’) cancelled.

If you get a  super off-peak, you have a lot more flexibility and can travel on any route. I purchased one advanced train ticket and one super off-peak saver for the return journey. However, due to a back injury, I wasn’t able to make the journey, I got £2.75 back from my £24 purchase. Small mercies indeed! ( I will spare you the complex details )

Bob and Brad, my new online buddies, it’s time to look after my back.

OSTEOPATH BACK STRAIN, and being immobile

 In the last month, I have forgone the jogs, and long walks, due to painting a bedroom, among other distractions.  Additionally, I have started a new job which I hadn’t really taken into consideration as being a stress factor.

The osteopath talked me through my recent activities, then pushed me about a bit, until a couple of bones cracked in my spine. He also did a bit of acupuncture on my back. It did help a bit but I am a great believer in time healing, and not paying excessive amounts of money for advice.! I found these guys online who have inspired me to do back exercises daily.

Tai chi as meditation and exercise?

It has taken 3 weeks to be able to do a very easy yoga routine. A new approach to looking after my health is on the cards. Taichi is something I may try again.

I learned the art of Tai Chi at the City Lit Adult Education Centre based in Covent Garden around 1985. Around this time I was living in a squat in Brixton. It was a few years after the 1981 riots, at the time my only real ambition was to play bass in a band, and to read books! Tai chi was regarded by some people around me as bizarre!

Then again a lot of what I got into certain people found strange. !

I found a teacher called Beverly from New Zealand. At a guess, she was probably in her 70’s. Her aura was calm personified! Thinking back I recall, she said my aura was pink or I need to be more green or something like that. My interest in this art form came about after having an ectopic pregnancy. I was rushed off to the hospital in an emergency and it scared me. I needed to heal it helped and it worked.




This is the first proper long walk I have been on since I led the Seven Sisters walk at the beginning of June.

It is a flat, moderate-paced walk around Chichester Harbour with views of the estuary, passing through open countryside, a marina and a ferry crossing (£2.50) at Ichenor before heading back to Bosham.


Got ya

Walking with a group, you do not always get a chance to take photographs, usually, most groups walk at a fair pace. The photos look somewhat hazy but I still think they are great. If I had more time it would have been better to have made a video. Next time.!

A large and conspicuous waterbird.

The cormorant has an almost primitive appearance with its long neck making it appear reptilian. It is often seen standing with its wings held out to dry. Regarded by some as black, sinister and greedy, cormorants are supreme fishers which can bring them into conflict with anglers and they have been persecuted in the past. They love to fish! 

Read more 


All said and done it was a good walk. Getting back, however, was an ordeal. I won’t bore you with the details, but it took three hours, and several train journeys.

Highlights of the day

The highlights were; the short ferry crossing, seeing the wild birds and duck island. 

Also, there were lots of pubs and oh a delicious vegan caramel ice cream in a cone at Bosham! (pronounced Bosam apparently!)

Until next time, watch that back, and learn your train ticket prices! it will pay off in the end.



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2 thoughts on “Travelling on Trains

  1. Well done to the cormorant for guarding its fishing rights – great photos.

    Tai Chi definitely helped my back though due to my much reduced circumstances I’ve had to give it up. I did that walk too a few years ago and my friend Mark insisted it was pronounced Bosom (as in that part of the female anatomy). And yes I can confirm the ice cream was so tasty I was pursued by some rather aggressive swans for it (which wasn’t so nice).

    The best thing about Chichester was the Marc Chagall window in the cathedral (although I don’t think real surrealists are religious – same goes for Dali).


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