Two walks in June

Two walks in June a step in the right direction

I’m amazed how many people have asked how the walking is going during lockdown!. Two walks in June outside of London felt like a bit of a break. I was getting out of my ‘comfort zone’; or should I say, uncomfortable zone. The first walk was in  Cambridge,  my second was from Seaford to East Dean. In truth I had more than two walks in June, but only two out of London. I’m always walking in London. Pretty much every day I walk in London.

It has been a while since I have ventured out on my own and apart from visiting Cambridge Cathedral about 20 years ago, I had no connection to the place. My budget was zilch, I managed to purchase a train ticket and walked out of the station towards the Botanical Gardens, then somehow navigated my way to Paradise Gardens.

I had dowloaded instructions from the Saturday Walkers Website. They were overly complicated at times but I persisted and found the River Cam at least…

The walks PDF version,  available from The Saturday walkers Website.https://www.walkingclub.org.uk


Saturday walkers have hundreds of free walks available.

They are useful if you don’t know a place, as all of the walks, have been well worked out and tested.  I only used the instructions for a brief reference. There was too much information and bits of history written in between the instructions. I wanted to see some countryside, that was all.  We were still in partial lockdown at this point and I didn’t feel like hanging out too much, I somehow managed to walk around 8 miles and visited a very expensive but beautiful orchard for a tea and scone!! https://www.theorchardteagarden.co.uk

I think further down the line, I would like to spend a night nearby and explore the fens a bit further out.

Free roaming cows on route to Grantchester Cambridge along the River Cam.

It was lovely to see the cows roaming freely, eating the leaves from the trees.


it is taking a long time for me to finish reading a book called The Secret Life of Cows by Rosamand Young, a Sunday times best seller. I only read it when on a train travelling to go out on rambles/walks. Those journeys have been lacking in the last year and the journeys too short. My interest in these creatures has become more curious. I still approach with care but I feel more confident in standing near them. Occasionally I write a book review for Good Reads, and Iwill add to my recommended reads. Reads about walking/roaming. 

I’m in the process of creating a book review page to go on Facebook -so will link that next time.


It wasn’t an especially warm day, in fact it was on the chilly side, yet plenty were swimming & sunbathing by the river.


Seaford nature reserve you know I love you


Misty Blue, sea and hazy sky, leaves me walking without a sigh, the bliss of solitude..

Weeds outlining the cliff top by the sea. I had missed this place. A perfect day for a walk as the temperature was cool and the atmosphere was misty


The cloud lifted slightly for a wee glimpse into a possible future…

Down by the creek I go, looking for my soul and my long lost friends..

I see something YELLOW..

Purple flowers wild on Seaford Reserve.


I know this Fishermans cottage is not for sale but I think I could live there.

like the Wild West down here.

A bouquet of wild flowers

It’s wild, it’s hazy, it’s moody, and no one is around.. Just as we like it.


The day ended at The Tiger Inn where a couple of cool drinks  was a welcome treat. sitting outside at the village Green.

Keep on keeping on.




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