I want to walk the world!


I aspire to walk the world across the hilltops! 

My plan was to start with a hillwalking course in Scotland. I wanted to develop my hillwalking skills and learn more about the great outdoors; skills such as  map reading and as well as perseverance in the face of adversity! My desire to walk the world has gone on hold. It will have to wait! The retreat I had planned to go was called Dhanasoka  It is a Buddhist retreat, and located in an old hotel facing a loch. it is a beautiful and tranquil spot.

Beautiful Lake

Increasingly frustrated from all of the cancelled events of the year, I looked for walks closer to home but wanted to walk somewhere new.

 One of the walk leaders in The South Bank Walking Group suggested a route I could do which was not off-limits. A manageable distance from Brixton/Herne hill.


Walking from Eynsford to Shoreham (Kent)

Walking from Eynsford to Shoreham Kent.


The walk started at Eynsford which is a pretty village in Kent, with a river running through it.

My first observation was that it was popular for cyclists.  One of the Ramblers had emailed me a  summary of the walk-in hand.  The first part was straightforward enough, we found the Roman Villa. We then forged ahead and came to Lullingstone Castle.I’m not a big fan of visiting castles but will mention it anyway.  It is a historic family mansion frequented by Henry V11 (he got everywhere that one!) and Queen Anne, it also home of the World of Garden of Plants.



Following the walk ‘instructions’! left us perplexed at times.

‘follow the path from the centre by going near a hedge, to begin with!’Which path, what hedge? 

We backtracked to Lullingstone Park where we saw the Lavender fields.  At this point, I knew from my brief research that we were about two miles to Shoreham Station. We got there in the end and very lovely it was too. https://www.castlefarmkent.co.uk/pages/visit-us

East Dean to Seaford

It had to be done, going to an area where I know what I’m going to get and can get there and back in a day.

Arriving at East Dean village, I headed to the Tiger Inn to use the available loo. The sign in the toilets read, “Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday and all is well.”  I thought it was apt, as my anxiety had been difficult managing and I wasn’t sure about coming down to the coast.  Should I be doing this?; aren’t we still in a pandemic? I don’t know anymore, I wore my mask on the train and sat alone.

Walking from East Dean to Cuckmere Valley is the easiest route which includes the Seven Sisters. I still clocked up over 8 miles. The downs were fairly empty, compared to the parks of London anyway. That was a welcome sight 

Sheep far up on the hilltop among the clouds.

Three sitting looking at the view out at the Seven Sisters


 It’s an easy walk from East Dean Village to Cuckmere Valley, and the walk includes the ups and downs of The Seven Sisters.

I always feel happy when I have reached Malcolm’s gate, the gateway to the seven sisters cliffs.


More Coastal walks

A good stretch for the old legs, and a view for the eyes

Heading back towards Cuckmere Valley

Cuckmere Valley



I have been walking in this area for some years and always been confused as to why some people call the area around Cuckmere Valley, Exceat. Now I understand what they are referring to.  I eventually did my research to see what the story was.

Exceat as a village in East Sussex no longer exists but was located by the Seven Sisters Visitors centre in the Cuckmere Valley, between Friston and Seaford.

Some people still say Exceat for the area where The Seven Sisters Visitors centre! is situated. The village was founded in Saxon times hidden away from the weather in the valleys. The black death & subsequent raids by the French, led to the village being abandoned  & the area became part of West Dean. For more info on the area start with the link below.:


In my neighborhood

At last some sense from Lambeth council regarding the traffic in my neighborhood.  It has been officially recognised that there has been a 300% increase in speed since COVID 19compared to last year

The council has set up a low traffic neighborhood scheme diverting traffic away from Railton Road and adjourning roads off it. Anyone living in the area is being encouraged to join the action group. This is for a trial period of only 9-18 months and to make it permanent the council must by law, consult with all of us.www.LowTrafficActionGroup.org to join(highly recommended if you want to live in a great area: email: hello@LowActionTrafficGroup.org





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