Walking from Faversham to Whitstable

Walking from Faversham to Whistable is an easy flat walk


This is the 3rd time walking from Faversham to Whistable. On this walk, my partner in crime spotted a pathway that led to a quicker route. The walk is very flat so can be a bit boring, but with the shortcut, it was just perfect. Still, it clocked up over 12 miles or more. The first stop on this walk from Faversham to Whistable was the Apothecary store in Faversham town.


I was after some CBD /Hemp tea, which is not an illegal substance that makes you high. Previously I had purchased a pack from The Apothecary store. I had a great chat with the saleswoman who told me of her up-and-coming venture to India. It was great to just chat and swap stories. She gave me the details so I could do mail order at a later date. When chatting I mentioned I would like to stay over a night at some point and she recommended the Sun Inn for accommodation.


It was nice to just pass the time of day relaxing with a cup of tea in the marketplace before heading off for the walk. Another very hot day, so, it was essential to take it easy. As I sat sipping tea,  I watched a group of tourists being led into a town hall-type building on some historic tour. While walking through the town we passed the shop where the brewery tours are booked. This prompted me to consider another day out in Faversham.

The last visit to Faversham was around December last year and it was still sort of partially in lockdown or post-lockdown. I forget now as it was all so confusing. The gist is I aim to go back there for a day and spend a night there when everything is open. There is a great market there and hundreds of years of history. I think a day there would be easy.

After a visit to the Apothecary store and a cup of tea, we headed through the town centre past all of the old townhouses and other historic buildings. In less than 10 minutes we were Up the creek.!


The walk is flat and open, THE CREEK is a nature resort and there aren’t many people or dogs, but a few cyclists use part of this route.


After the creek there is a chance to turn right and take the cyclist route carry on and turn left going the long way round.

On this hot day, we trudged past the open fields and wild flours and then we found an even shorter cut through the wheat field, where a footpath had been created then turn left onto the sea wall.

I love open spaces and wild  flowers


It doesn’t take long before we are at the sea wall that runs towards Sea Salter.

From Seasalter the path leads to Whistable.

We head away from the beach huts and posh houses owned by millionaires and head over a railway bridge into the back of Whistable and find a lovely cafe to get a cool drink.

Open sea space and a gate to the beach.

An unusual gate where you pull the metal poles apart. For the full video go to my You Tube channel. JUST GOOGLE icantexplainmyfeet/youtube.


I eventually had my swim nearer Herne Bay. The water was warmish and the water isn’t deep so no need to be scared. My new sea shoes worked a treat. The beach wasn’t as pebbly as Newhaven but still pebbly.

Wild Swimming

I have always loved swimming but for some reason got out of the habit and I think since I stopped visiting Cornwall so often, I lost the love of the sea.  I’m not sure when I will get another chance but did manage to go swimming at the woman’s pond in Hampstead a week later.

You have to book in advance but it’s less than a fiver so well worth it. I met a friend at Kentish Town and we took a bus that drops you off at the bottom of the lane that takes you straight to the pond. Another soaring hot day.

Swimming is back on the agenda. As is Hill Walking next year. Plans are back on the menu generally. After the dreaded pandemic, it’s taken some time to feel that normality is back.!



There was a procession in Whistable through the main street. Whistable is tiny and crammed but does have some lovely independent shops. I would prefer to go there alone mid week to have a real wander about and browse. The famous fish and chip shop has gone but has been replaced with another eating place.

The harbour was thriving with lots of stall and  a live brass band playing We headed onwards for a cool beer and cheap food at the Peter Cushings’ pub. It is an old cinema named after the famous actor;the interior is amazing, it was an old cinema. The ceilings are high,dangling down are massive Art Decor lampshades as well as posters and other memorabilia.

It is owned by Wetherspoons . Peter Cushings’ lived in one of the houses along the seafront Another WordPress writer explores more in the below link.

After a swift half and food, we headed to Sam the cats micro brewery for another half and to watch the procession before heading to get the train back to London. A great day out.


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