Walking in Essex

I have been meaning to go Walking in Essex for a while

It was the 1st day in February, I was ready for a walk, and after Dry January, looking forward to a couple of drinks after the walk. Getting out of London & Walking in Essex was a perfect start to the month, and the weather was suitably dry. The journey is easy on public transport and frequent trains from Liverpool Street run every half hour.

waiting for the light

Walking from Benfleet to Southend

The walk started at Benfleet along the creek and then inland towards Hadleigh Farm. 

Hadleigh Farm was originally part of William Booth’s, “Darkest England” scheme. This involved people from what he referred to as the “submerged tenth” being helped and in some cases rescued by Salvationists.

They would then be offered work and shelter in the City Colony before being transferred to the Country Colony and eventually to the Overseas Colony. Dramatic, somewhat?!



Hadleigh Park Cafe is a good stopping point, there are loads of loos available.! As a large group of about 40, this was a relief.

We then walked a short distance to Hadleigh Castle. I had seen the painting before, up until this day I didn’t realise it was this particular castle that we were looking at today, was the same castle that the artist, Constable had painted. We always learn something new when out walking.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hadleigh Castle_(painting)


After our art education, we worked up a sweat trying to negotiate the least slippery, muddy route, all the way downhill to Leigh on Sea; is a town full of unique character and charm, a must-see when visiting Southend-on-Sea. Hosting a great selection of galleries and craft shops, and a selection of pubs.



Where the Thames meets the Sea


After our lunch at Leigh on Sea we walked a couple of miles along the seafront into Southend, where we had our couple of drinks before taking a train back into London. A good day out.

Visiting St Albans

This month I attended a good friend’s funeral, in the Lady Chapel of St Albans. It was a sad farewell to my good friend Karen, who had always encouraged me to keep on walking, and to keep on writing about it.! Next year I will revisit St Albans again, where I can remember Karen & light a candle for her.  Karen was the first patient to try a new treatment for cancer. Unfortunately, despite her bravery, she passed away on the 19th of January 2020 


I did pick up a leaflet about St Albans tours, so it would be great to revisit.


As those of you who read my blogs will know, I formed a Meet up group and started leading some urban guided walks in London last year. See Revisiting Camden It is something I would like to do more of time permitting. In the meantime, spring is on the horizon.

March really is the season to start getting out more, and I’m spoilt for choice, there are loads of walks to do in March.

Until next time Keep on Keeping on.





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