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The days are slowly getting longer, and we can finally start looking forward to walking in spring


Walking in Spring has to be one of the best seasons. Although it is still cold it’s lighter for longer; so possible to go further afield. As it’s not quite spring yet, I decided to go on a walk not too far away, with the South Bank Ramblers Group. This started at Eynsford Kent and is part of The Darrent Valley. It’s about an hour from Herne Hill train station, changing at Bromley South. If trains aren’t running properly and the weather is bad, it can be a drag hanging about stations in the cold.

It was the day after Storm Eunice and many people were a bit reluctant to go out.A couple of people I knew had previously wanted to go but dropped out. We made up a small group who had taken a leap of faith into the great outdoors.

Within five minutes of leaving the station, we come across a wee bridge over the Darrent river at Eynsford Kent.



walking in the Darrent Valley



The walk route meanders off away from the river past along the Darrent Valley. a short walk along a single path under the magnificent bridge we pass the Fort museum then We pass Lullingstone CastleL & WORLD GARDEN https://www.lullingstonecastle.co.uk  this opens in April 2022



We then follow the river again, along to the visitors centre, where the electric was down.  In there we could not do anything other than use their loos in the dark. After this we walked up hill through chestnut and beech woodland  to get views of the valley from the chalk ridge.


It was a grand walk apart from the few rain showers and the mud. I skidded down a hill flat on my back! luckily not on my face and no serious damage done, except covered in mud.

Sorry there are no live pictures of ‘the fall’!! It’s a good job I have damn quick reflexes and I was wearing waterproofs on top of the walking trousers. Theres’ nothing worse than having to get back on the train looking like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards, while all the day trippers are dressed in their glad rags.

It was fantastic to come across this quickly little cafe in an alleyway situated just a few minutes from the bottom of Muddy Slide Hill!. I made a dash for it and was grateful they had some of those blue plastic bags you can put on your feet to prevent the cafe turning into a mud slide. It wasn’t a great day to say the least but I still enjoyed it despite the damp weather. The cafe has a museum attached to it and is a place of interest. We were only a 10 minute walk from Shoerham at this stage. We didn’t bother walking on to Otford. Another day another time


South Downs Dark Skies Festival

I had received the NEWSLETTER I subscribed to from South down news but hadn’t taken any notice of it. Later that week I was browsing on line at The Guardian Photography of the week and came across some stunning pictures of the South Downs. I hadn’t been aware that this was such a major event.  The pictures were so awesome I have vowed I will go down there next year for a couple of nights. At heart I am an old romantic and believe that solace and escape can only be found out under the big wide open sky. What a sight though. I love the South Downs but to be able to see such wonder at night must be absolutely amazing.

There is link here with an enclosed a PDF courtesy of SouthDowns newsletter.It gives all the details of the starry night adventures on the Southdown’s, I’m committed to doing that next year. SOUTH DOWNS DARK SKIES FESTIVAL 2022



If anyone is interested in a bit of star gazing and  hooking up with me this time next year Let me know. Julieconnelly@me.com. We can organise a group event.

Until then keep on keeping on.



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  1. You may have started a new craze. Taking a large plastic bag with you on wet day walks and getting to the bottom of hills faster on the bag on your back.

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