walking in the heat


Walking in the heat in London


Charing Cross Road

Walking in the heat from Victoria to Charing Cross. is about 30 minutes but intense in the temperatures reading 35c at lunchtime. Anyone who knows Charing Cross Road knows how busy it is. Lately, I have started using the public library in Charing Cross. Since my Mac air book died and my I Mac needs some restoration, I thought I would do a bit of my back cataloging in Charing Cross library.

Using your library.

The noise is immense but they do have air conditioning. I have used Libraries since I was around 10 and have worked in various Libraries including Waterloo and Pimlico, and I still, enjoy using them. It really is worth keeping them open by becoming a member. I’m a member of Westminster Library and can use any area in Westminster as well as Chelsea. https://www.westminster.gov.uk/leisure-libraries-and-community/libraries/how-join-library

walking from Lewes to Seaford


Thistles enduring the heat.


cows huddling together against the gate. Luckily there was a sheep pen with gates on either side we could use that to get through to avoid confronting the cows!!


Came across this unusual sculpture with a verse written and taped onto it.

The verse reads

I do not come her to sing of death, Open mouthed above the turbulent water, instead to float, immense in birdsong, hear them join with them. The warblers, finches, Linnet and Wren and the seaward flying oystercatcher, peep, pip hue, Peep Pip, hue, with breath enough to go….


Blue skies, open gates, and no one around for miles.

Across the river towards Newhaven Port.


The end of the river Ouse-  now to navigate by the industrial Newhaven to the Port.

First time I have seen the Ferry so close up. It goes to Dieppe daily.

Delightful plant: you can see this all over the South East Coast.


What is Kale?

Sea kale is a perennial known by a variety of interesting names, including sea-colewort and scurvy grass.  The plant was pickled for long sea voyages when it was used to prevent scurvy. Its use extends back hundreds of years.


Swimming on the South East Coast.

I managed to bring my costume, and Birkenstock sandals but unfortunately they only got me so far. The pebbled beach was painful to walk on. I managed to get to the water’s edge and dip my feet in the cool water, I just couldn’t balance on the stones after hiking 12 miles or so in the heat.   I am now investing in swimming shoes, I hope to try those out on my next walk from Faversham to Whitstable. Hopefully, it will be warm enough. It’s an easy enough walK.  see the post below about a previous walk.

Faversham to Whitstable

It’s a long way to the coast from London, and I mean to spend a bit more time there but always seems to be too much work to do. I haven’t had a holiday for at least 3 years. That was the Isle of Wight and it was the month of September it was nice and sunny but I don’t think hot enough to swim. It’s been a very long time since I swam in the sea. Back in the day, I was mad about swimming especially in Cornwall.

Another walk to try is Berwick (Sussex) to Seaford or Eastbourne. A walk I did many years ago with my old walking group The South Bank Ramblers.

Coming up


On September 2nd I will be leading a walk from Seaford to Eastbourne. It’s been a couple of years since I have led a group. Join me if you can. If you book in advance you can get a return ticket to Eastbourne for a reasonable price. (£11 with the South East Network Card.)


Until Next Time Keep on Keeping on.




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