Walking in Winter

 Walking from Wimbledon to Richmond

I had my first walk of the year walking across the park at Wimbledon all the way to Richmond.

 Walking on a crisp winter day, can be especially rewarding. When getting home to a hot bath feels a real treat. Follow that with nice warm meal.  You will feel you have earned it.

Walking in winter is especially popular with The Ramblers, it feels good to get out with a group, and shake off the cobwebs.


At less than £5 a month, you can look forward to a monthly magazine, and helping the Ramblers in their campaigns to restore the countryside and coastal paths. Money well spent.

Birdhouse Wimbledon Park


Walking in winter does have  problems. 

I did spot a group of deer in Richmond Park but they were so well hidden among the fauna, it was tricky getting good photographs of them in the poor winter light. 

Houseboats Richmond


 Richmond along the river in winter

I left the group at Richmond and walked keenly towards Kew Gardens.  I read a sign post that said a quarter of a mile to go to but this was just to a smaller bridge, Kew Harbour. It is not the same as Kew Gardens. After another 2 miles to go it was getting dark and very cold. I got to Kew Bridge at dusk and spotted the sign for Kew Gardens railway station.

As I carried on walking into what looked like a bit of a cul de- sac, I asked directions. Having spotted a local man with a wheelbarrow.  He told me I wouldn’t be the first to be asking the same question! He went on to say -yes you could get there but it certainly was not a direct route. At this point I just wanted to get home.

 Dear readers, know your limits when walking…

If you do deviate try and remember especially in winter.  It gets dark and cold even in London and that means hanging about waiting for buses and trains. After being out walking for 6 hours, and the temperature suddenly drops, you can be very cold. It goes without saying that in the winter you aim to finish the walk and get to somewhere before dusk where you can get a nice drink and something to eat.


I went to see the film Wild based on the biography of Cheryl Strayed, walker and author. 

Cheryl Strayed -Wild read my blog about her adventures.

The film did not convey the depth and breadth of the distance she walks; as films go it was ok, but having read the book, I felt it went for the sentimental story, National Geographic it wasn’t. It could have been better. 









See You February


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  1. Wise words about walks! And some great photos. I’m humbled, the furthest I’m going today by foot is the dustbins in the back yard.

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