Two walks in Sussex

Two walks in Sussex to celebrate the end of summer.


What better way to end the summer than with two walks in Sussex. Both magnificent.

Firstly another Lewes circular walk via Southease which turned into a 16-mile walk. Followed by a 14-mile hike from Seaford to Eastbourne, one of the most spectacular Sussex walks. I led this walk and around 13 turned up. A couple weren’t quite fit enough for the hikes and dropped out when there was a chance.  Admittedly I had to speed up my walk, to keep in front, as an elder Japanese woman, who joined my group marched fiercely across the downs. I had to show her who was boss and walk much faster than my usual pace.!!

Simplicity, walking up in The Downs.


Big skies, soft downs


More sky, More space, More nature more sanity, please.


Wildflowers along the River Ouse, Lewes. Did you know that Ouse is the Celtic name for a large natural stream of water?


Sussex is probably my most go-to place. In terms of the ease of getting there from London. It has to be the best place for clearing the head & doing some amazing walks with the added bonus of fantastic landscapes. It is a painter’s or even a poet’s dream. The first walk was partly using a guide. walks for each Season by Julia Smith.

See my Inspirational reads for further info.

Inspired Reads

We kind of diverted from the long walk, which had more hills in it, but still managed to walk 16 miles, from Lewes, via Glynde to Southease, and back to Lewes along the river.

The second walk is my old tried and tested Seaford to Eastbourne

They followed me without fear!!!


There we go, see those sisters over yonder?



Down from Seaford Head to the Valley below.

Purple water Heather. looked spectacular & not seen this plant before.


looking back to Seaford from the foot of The Seven Sisters


As we start a clip up the cliff tops, we come across ponies, something I haven’t come across before on the South Downs.


Had a tea break and loo break at Birling Gap Cafe. will we make the next part of the journey, looking back at how far we have come.


Beachy Head here we come, as I try to walk quickly uphill, to limit my experience of pain!

Beachy Head- hold on tight now.


we are up and away from the trouble & strife, the air is clean and the sea is calm.


Eastbourne Here we come.


Eastbourne Knows how to put on a good sunset.

We arrive around 5.30 pm, since we didn’t start until 11.30 am, and had 2 breaks we did pretty well. A group of us went for a meal and a drink afterwards and eventually took the train back to London getting back at about 10 pm.

Invest in a Network Rail Card it’s so worth it, you only need to do two trips and you have covered the costs.


Until next time, keep on Keeping on.







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