Westgate to Margate

Westgate to Margate is a nice little walk WALK THE PATH
















 We parked up at Westgate -on -Sea and then walked to Margate along the seafront, heading to the Turner gallery. Westgate to Margate is about a couple of miles or so along the seafront, so a return walk clocks up about 5 miles which is a decent little stroll.


There are a lot of artist’s shops and galleries and it looks set to becoming very modern eventually.  We visited the (Winter Gardens. https://www.margate-live.com)to the right of Margate Town Centre. We checked out the up and coming acts that are going to perform there. Simple minds are a band I wouldn’t have expected to see playing there; but reassuringly they had a psychic show, which is the sort of thing you expect at a Seaside Resort. I always associate fortune-tellers and psychics with sea-side towns; the towns usually being a mixture of run-down, majestic and fun. My kind of town.



I just love this photo of the cat in the window in one of the old small town houses.  

We were convinced the cat was stuffed, we stood transfixed staring at this motionless cat, with closed eyes. We stood there for what seemed like ages looking at it, a woman walking up the hill then joined us!

The three of us were mesmerized -then the cat suddenly opened its eyes!  It was spooky!  What must the cat make of it? Even more strange was behind the net curtain we suddenly spotted the owner who seemed extremely amused at us all standing staring into her window. Luckily she took this with good grace!

Easy walk along the sea-front

Easy walk along the sea-front

I must just add thanks to Justin in Arizona who is a GO Daddy internet adviser who saved the day for me yesterday and rescued me from being without my dashboard! For some reason it was not available and this is the panel where I write my blogs, he assured me he could fix it and he did, I was so relieved.

I have subscribed to Go Daddy to host my blog for another year and would totally recommend them as a host.


I’m planning on learning how to lead walks, starting with an introduction to how to do that in March. I hope to step up the pace in March and get out on at least a couple of walks. All in all, we clocked up about a 6-mile walk, on a really mild day in February, nice and easy does it.

Until the next exciting episode.

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