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To Quote Bob Dylan, NO- Direction Back Home. 

 I had promised myself that I will do the Regents Canal walk before Xmas this year-but and let’s face it, the canal walk would likely end up in a pub.  Nothing wrong with that as such, apart from getting caught up with shopper’s en route back home. I am going to leave any walking trips until the proper bleak mid-winter, when the air is crisp and clean.  Less crowds, more space. My last canal walk, seemed like a busy highway, and we ended up dodging cyclists, joggers and prams. Such is London life.

Looking back at life in London

I have lived in London since about 1982 starting off in South Kensington, some time in North London, then to New Cross eventually settling into Brixton. I spent the years 1978-1982 going backwards and forwards from Newcastle to London, in those days I took off at a moment’s notice and had sudden pangs of homesickness where I would hitch up the M1. For some years this was my mode of travel. I wouldn’t dream of it now.  That was to be young careless and free. I hasten to add, and skint! and skinny!.

Brixton was a vibrant place back then and there were lots of squats and coops. Perfect for the time. It was easy to find somewhere a bit run down and do a bit of work in it and live there rent free.

A bit of a shambles but when your young you don’t care about things like that or at least our generation didn’t, we thought it was great. I would like to see the artificial reality crew dealing with that lifestyle.!

London Underground

London is a massive place and I probably spent over 20 years going to gigs/trying to get bands together and music generally ruled my life. I’m old enough to remember when you could sit on the circle line ran all night and you could smoke and drink.! I have since become accustomed to avoiding the tube if /when possible, but it is convenient.

1979 In these days you could smoke on the tube and the circle line went around and around all night!

1979 In these days you could smoke on the tube and the circle line went around and around all night!









Much to talk about through the night! This was always welcome after a night in the MUSIC MACHINE .
Typical flyer for the Music Machine..

You got a lot for your money in those days. Plenty of Live music nightly.

I saw many bands at the Music Machine, The Psychedelic Furs in 1979 being a memorable one.

Typical flyer for the music machine.. zoom in and check the prices!! you get to see 3 bands for less than £3!


The last two years have seen me looking for adventures close to home. The world has gradually become a smaller and more expensive place to live. I don’t enjoy travelling in the way I used to.


It’s a toss-up as to what’s worse- sitting in traffic cooped up in  a car, or being held up in a train because of engineering works. I generally walk and cycle if I can. I understand other cities aren’t as bad for congestion but, living in London for all the fun I have had, has the other side to it. It is driven by a power, I don’t relate to. I have mainly lived on the side lines. Seeking out pleasure and fun, while juggling & making some kind of a living. It is great to reconnect with my creative self, while still having a job to pay the bills.



Until next time keep on keeping on.






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  1. Happy New Year 🙂 . If its not raining walk the canal . The ground is usually firmer and less muddy . I walked miles along the Cheshire ring canal this year while the family chugged along behind in the boat. The pub breaks are a nice treat. waiting for your next exciting episode ! x

  2. Interesting post Julie, I liked the Music Machine flyer….The clash , Suicide and The Specials for £2.50…

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