The Wild years

I mentioned in my last two blogs that I was reading the story of Cheryl Strayed. In her book,Wild she describes herself asThe woman with the hole in her heart”  She managed to endure a 1100 mile journey on foot from the Mexican Border to the Canadian Border, alongside California known as the Pacific Crest Trail .

AFTER THE RAIN comes the sun.

SUN COMING THROUGH CLOUD was taken on my recent coastal walk near Torquay, Devon.


A different type of Wild

I feel like my wild years are behind me now but there is still something of the rebel in me that wants to steer off into the wilderness. My wild years were lived out on the streets of London and before that Newcastle Upon Tyne. Punk Rock and squats.

There was an innocence to it all and I remember giving up a boring job, I had worked in for less than a year. I was working for Lambeth Libraries in London; but desperately  wanted  to go to New York , where I believed all possibilities existed, as I did when I ran to London aged 17.

When I was in New York, after a few weeks I was running out of money and my return ticket was valid for one month.

 I advertised my plane ticket for sale in the hostel I was staying at, known fondly by the locals as ‘The White House’ ; in the hope of having enough money to go to L.A.   It was not to be, I took a volunteer job in New Jersey in a campsite for abused children ran by what I considered at the time to be Religious Weirdos.

It wasn’t for me.  I had to get out of there and go back to NYC. I could not sell my ticket and returned to London and formed a band.


Ever since that trip, I never did manage to do anything adventureous in terms of travel anyway.

I came back and started a band, and that led to some fun and misadventures. At 30 I opted to take a degree as a amature student despite having no formal qualifications. Part of that did lead me to living in Galway for three months, which was very intersting.



Next episode coming soon.

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