Reads about walking/roaming.

 Inspired Good Reads


There is a ton of literature about walking,  sometimes we all need encouragement and inspiration. I have created my Good Reads Page and will update it each time, I find a good read.

In the meantime, if anyone can recommend a Good Read, Please feel free to do so.


A new collection

Year of the monkey by Patti Smith- Rock Poet.

British Wild Flowers

The Ordnance survey puzzle tour of Great Britain.


The Salt Path

I read this story in 2019, the story is inspiring, and it encourages me to  carry on reaching out and finding escapes that are authentic. Real lives and real people are what inspires me more than overpriced yet cheap holidays.

To read more about The Salt Path story, read this Guardian article .


Get out there and explore a little.

I recommend the next time you walk anywhere, yes even the shops; try taking a different route and get curious you will soon get the bug.

The world is out there from urban guided walks, to canal walks,  & river walks long walks in the country, themed walks, or historical guided tours.

There are thousands of options.

No matter where you live. I would recommend joining a walking group at first. If you have a friend who likes walking even better, otherwise check out the Ramblers website and just get out there.


Wildflowers on the cliff top Dover


Some other great books about walks.
  • The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry- Rachel Joyce
  •  Strayed Cheryl- Wild
  • Walking London’s -Waterways Gilly Cameron Cooper
  • London Walks,- On Foot Guides Celia Wolfram
  • Walking Haunted London – original walks exploring London’s Ghostly Past- Richard Jones
  • Walk Britain Great Views- The Ramblers Top 50 Walking routes to Britain’s finest views. (available to all members)
  •  Ramble On -The story of our love for walking Britain, by Sinclair McKay. 
  • Wanderlust A History of Walking  Rebecca Solnit