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One of my favourite walks, and I consider it to be the best walk in Sussex, and is on  top of my list, is  the Seaford Circular. My first and most loved walk. I found this walk in the handbook of Best British Walks, some years ago. I have been doing it ever since. Below is how it is described in the south Bank Ramblers Group. I am an accredited walk leader for the South Bank Group, and I have led this walk many times.

Moderate/brisk walk, taking bus from Seaford to East Dean.

Facilities at East Dean. Then walk down to the Seven Sister Cliffs. Stunning views. Down to Cuckmere valley for half hour break (picnic) then up and over Seaford nature resort taking us back to beach at Seaford. Moderate walk overall, but some strenuous steep ascents and descents. Can stop at Cuckmere Valley to catch a bus to Seaford after Seven Sisters.
Train: Victoria 10:06, change at Brighton. (arr Brighton 11:03 dep. 11:09)
Suitability: No car needed
Leader: Julie Connelly

seveb sisters



wild flowers in beautiful vase

wild flowers in beautiful vase



From Knockholt, an easy walk across country though lanes and woods, to Cudham, to visit a wonderful, varied and original garden after a pub or picnic lunch. Return is via Newyears Wood and Fairtrough Farm.

wonderful gardent

Wonderful garden



I joined up with this group and did a few walks with them, and really enjoyed this weekend away.
The only problem was the sleeping arrangements, sleeping in a very tight space, shared with 3 others. that was three bunk beds in a tiny room.
I loved the area though, and would do it again, if I could get my own room, or just share with one other person.
It is extremely popular, so expect huge crowds. I think you have to choose your moments, to get the most out of this stunning area. Although you can’t see from my selected pictures, the crowds did start coming in Saturday afternoon. If you are a ‘serious walker’ and just like to get out, you might want to get there, mid week en route somewhere else. Great place though, I would totally recommend it.
Beautiful Open spaces

The Peak District

Great for Hill Walking



ancient caves




Another favourite walk was also a weekend away in The Lake District

I hadn’t been there since I was at school and living in Ovingham Northumberland at the time. Coming from Newcastle Upon Tyne, I was adjusting to country life, and not really loving it that much.  A group of us went to Kendal on  a day trip. I sort of recall it being tea shops and old people, being about 14 years old at the time.  I must say returning there as a somewhat older person, I could certainly see the attraction. The town we stayed in had a lot going for it, in terms of shops cafes and bars, there was a fantastic market place, and easy access to some magnificent walks.

At the time, I was preoccupied with getting wi-fi and writing my blog and I was a bit frustrated with not being able to get on with some much-needed work. The thing is you can’t always take your work with you which is what I wanted to do. As always I was trying to cram it all in. A break from work, and my newly created job, writing a blog.

Hills in Lake District

Away in the hills


Autumn rain
in the Lake District.


a popular place to climb and look at views

a perfectly clear day for climbing and exploring

Going away to find ourselves, or going away to socialise, or just going somewhere.


A temporary lack of internet at the Bn B, did put a bit of dampener on my mood, I had to deal with that in my own way. I have been trying for some years to find some space and time to do something creative other than music and this was my chosen hobby. Unfortunately it does involve internet access at all times. I was torn between being sociable and getting the job done. I was on a learning curve and I wasn’t sure how much I could really take on. If

Generally speaking I usually prefer to go travelling either spring or September, when there is more time to do everything. In small towns the shops and cafes shut early, especially in the winter, so I couldn’t hang out there for the wi-fi. I had a choice being out in a bar or restaurant all night spending money and just hanging out or alone in my bn b room with intermittent wi-fi. Being with a group doesn’t mean you have to spend all your spare time with them, I did feel anti social but I explained , I was trying to create something in my life, it was important to me. 

We live and learn and find out what floats our boat. There are so many fantastic places to visit in the UK, and I’m preparing to find some weekends away in Spring, early summer and late Summer.