Amazing gardens


This walk was taken from the book Amazing gardens in UK. We started in a place called Knockholt, an easy walk across country, though lanes and woods, to Cudham to visit a wonderful, varied and original garden.  We returned via Newyears Wood and Fairtrough Farm. 


Watch your head!

Watch your head! A surprise not on the agenda

wild flowers in beautiful vase

Wild flowers in beautiful vase.


This recent walk led by Judith Robertson, absolutely suited my mood, it was truly relaxing. There were a couple of surprises in store; one being the sight of a Hawk trainer, which we came across when ambling along after our picnic lunch.

Garden as Therapy

The other surprise was meeting the owners of the garden. The man had been in an accident where he fell asleep at the wheel, while driving in Australia. He lived to tell the tale but had suffered severe injuries which had an impact on his ability to do much for many months. The garden became his haven.

He & his wife were extremely friendly and welcoming.  We were a large group of about 30, and on our arrival it was fantastic to be provided with cake & tea. Judith had planned this treat in advance. It is part of the Open Gardens scheme, throughout the UK, you can visit the garden and the host provides refreshment for a few quid. It’s well worth it.

 We all wandered about the garden and found so many nooks and crannies to hide out in. Perfect. I didn’t want to leave. Meeting people with a story to tell just added to the element of what makes a great day out.  

go wild in the country

Go wild in the country

The Cottage Garden Cudham

The Cottage Garden Cudham



Losing ourselves in time, we then had to make a run for it.

We were all feeling so relaxed after a great afternoon, and needed to make up some time. This escalated into a power walk and then a run during the last mile. The train from Knockholt to London only run every hour, so we really did not want to hang about at train station for an hour. 

The walk leader had found this particular walk from, “The Most Amazing Gardens in Britain and Ireland: A Guide to the Most Magnificent and Memorable Gardens (Readers Digest) Paperback – 28 May 2010”.

All in all a really lovely day out.






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