Berwick to Seaford on a Blue Moon weekend

Magnificent views blue sky& a blue moon

Walking from Berwick to Seaford, we take in, WILMINGTON ,LONG MAN, ALFRISTON & CUCKMERE HAVEN; where the river exeat floats toward Seaford. The walk stretches for approximately 13 miles. It is a gentle undulating walk but with two extended hill climbs.

Starting at Berwick, we walk to the village of Wilmington with its ancient Church then, the first climb starts, up to the Long Man chalk figure. We scan the Cuckmere valley. After the second climb up, we witness a dramatic view where the river drifts towards the sea. We Continue walking for a further 4 miles along the cliff coastal path to Seaford. It is the first time I have walked from Berwick to Seaford and I’m not sure I could remember all that again! 

 Blue Moon lingers high in the sky as we walk in the heat towards Seaford


The moon, or something kept me from having a good sleep. After a restless night not being able to drop off and waking up sporadically, I jumped up checked the clock which said 8.07!!


I was going to have to leave at 8.10 which gave me 3 minutes to sort myself out. I had been lying awake for some time but as the alarm hadn’t gone off I didn’t know what time it was.

Walking as quickly as I could towards the tube, I witnessed a car crash at the junction of Coldharbour Lane/ Atlantic Road, It wasn’t a serious crash, just a bonnet to bonnet collision. Drivers going too fast as usual and a van blocking the way. Drivers and cars constantly irritate me and I couldn’t wait to get away.

Was it the Blue moon causing my restless night! 

Like the tides affected by the gravitational forces of the moon. Moon Beams or other, the tensions had been building for most of the week. The last few days I had found myself  unable to relax, the usual conflicts from the workplace playing on my mind and a general unease about the future.

Towards the man in the hill

Wilmington Long Man /Alfriston & Cuckmere Haven. 

looking down to Exceat

Nevertheless, the walk was to be done. A beautiful day we had walked from Berwick to Alfrington, which was a good place to stop for lunch.

 Alfrington is a very pretty village and somewhere I would visit again. From there it’s only a three-mile walk to Exceat;  you could just follow the river and avoid the hill.  The Exceat is the river that joins the sea at Seaford, so we had another magnificent view of the Seven Sisters. Admittedly not having breakfast or enough water or any sun-cream I came out of this walk with a headache and sunburn. It happens, especially on the longer walks.

Walking towards Seaford from Exceat

Due to rushing out I hadn’t properly prepared. By the time I got to the Gallon Inn, I was parched. (This was a drop off point for those only wanting to do a 9 mile walk.) I bought a small bottle of sparkling mineral water for £2.50.! Can we start placing water fountains in the countryside? Carrying all this water around is getting a bit expensive as well as heavy.


Arriving at Seaford

Arriving at Seaford

As we finished our 12 mile walk, I wasn’t keen to rush for a train back to London and arrived at the seafront. A few of us sat down drinking tea for about an hour; gazing at the sea.


This walk seems so long ago now. The planned walk I had for this week, I opted out of due to heavy rain. The second Wednesday I have booked off to do a walk & not been able to do it due to extreme weather conditions. At the end of October I will be taking every Wednesday off for 6 months while I work on my ‘career plan’! but as well as that I have the option to go on a midweek Autumn or Winter Walk and do my courses at home in the evening hopefully feeling mellow and glowing from the Autumn sunshine !.


Until next time. Keep going .

Hope you all have a good Bank Holiday Monday.

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