Escaping to Berlin

Escaping to Berlin, post-2015 General Election


I was working as a poll clerk the night before my weekend trip. There was excitement in the air. At 7 am a queue was forming. Sadly as the day developed, the crowds dwindled. After a 12 hour working day, I returned home feeling somewhat despondent. The chances of getting a new Government seemed slim!

Visiting Berlin.

 I was going to Berlin, my treat for taking on extra work.  We arrived and found our hotel situated in the Kreuzberg area of Berlin. The Hotel Die Fabrik is an old converted factory. Despite its industrial look, we found it to be comfortable and relaxing.

Bear in Courtyard of Hotel

Bear in Courtyard of Hotel

hotel Die Fabrique

Hotel Die Fabrique

Getting around Berlin

We had bought a weekend travel card. Once you activate the card at a station, you can jump on and off any bus or tube. The card cost £20 euros for the weekend, it is a pretty good deal.

We had a couple of gigs to see and wanted to get to know the city.

An old contact of mine from the music scene in Brixton had moved to Berlin and was performing with her band on two nights. They were intimate gigs and enjoyable. See more about Kathy x here.

Check Point Charlie

We visited the Checkpoint Charlie museum, which took absolutely ages to locate. We walked for miles and frequently took wrong turnings. Although that’s the way to get to know a city! Berlin was interesting and there were lots of new things to see.

Outside the museum now a tourist attraction.

Outside the museum now a tourist attraction.


The Museum Checkpoint Charlie was founded by the human rights activist DR, Rainer Hildebrandt. It is a museum-unlike any other.

The museum explores the history of the Berlin Wall and the stories of those affected by it.

In the museum, you can discover some of the clever ways people tried to escape, over the Berlin Wall. 

We read the stories of those escapees who risked their lives to win their freedom. When we remember their past; we keep alive the memory of those who died trying to escape.

Extreme measures to escape are exhbited some inventive methods were made in a desperate attempt to escape

Extreme measures to escape are exhibited.  

Some got through, others didn't. Have a look at their website

Some people got through, the checkpoint, others weren’t so lucky.




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