On the 27th September I awaited eagerly for the post person to deliver my 60+ Oyster card. The card is exclusive to Londoners; It offers, free travel on tubes,  buses , and trains  in London and approximately within a 25 mile radius of London. That was the best birthday gift this year. Freedom pass to who knows where.

where now with this new found freedom?

The world is your Oyster


Anywhere from zone 1-6 in London, as far as Dartford and out west to Reading. Many of the walks I do are outside of London,  the freedom pass can be used to get to to Zone 6, making the price of the train journey thereafter, more affordable. Ps this isn’t the actual freedom pass you get when you retire!

Walking from Faversham to Whitstable.

Recently I revisited Kent and did an amble along from Faversham to Whitstable the day after my b/day. A strangely quiet day; that is except for the attack of the green bugs!

I want to explore the town centre a bit more as it has a lot of quirky shops and.  historic buildings a well as the market place, and probably will do that for the xmas market.

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A rare breed of sheep were huddled together , I couldn’t get close enough to get a great pic of them all, but managed to get this face in..

as well there were a breed of as long horned cows!!  Pic taken walking along the whitstable way

Rose chafer

After much research on line, the nearest description I could find or name of a green flying bug was a Rose Chafer. It may not be the at all but it was the closest resemblance I could come up with. More information needed.!

When in France recently another green bug making it’s presence known was most definitely known as a stink bug!


Talking about freedom has anybody heard of this remarkable journey

The Walk is an international arts festival meets endurance event. Little Amal, a 3.5 metre-tall puppet, will walk across the European continent to shine a light on the stories of millions of young refugees. She will travel through 8 countries, welcomed by hundreds of cultural events in cities, towns and villages all along her route. 


I’m planning a couple of walks with a group this coming November, depending on what i can manage to get out of the way at work I may even manage a mid week walk. Space & fresh air, needed soon.!!


The  10 mile circular walk in Hertfordshire I was planning has been cancelled so thinking cap back on. Perhaps time to refer to the three guide books on walks in kent.

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