Mad as the Mist and Snow

Mad as the Mist and Snow

An Appointment with Mr Yeats 

Mad as the Mist and Snow is an exciting song conjuring up excitement and delirium like a Mad March wind whipping up the Spring Air. W.B. Yeats poetry is interpreted by Mike Scott, in the above album. It is a thought-provoking recording, as it evolves into great music, & songs. What more could you want in life.?

Album cover for An appointment with Mr Yeats


This track Mad as the Mist and Snow is taken from the album An Appointment with Mr. Yeats, it makes me want to run and dive into the Atlantic or something!  I Saw The Waterboys recently at The Roundhouse in Camden, they didn’t play any songs from this Album as they were promoting a new album somewhat different, more bluesy influenced. Mike Scott has a very distinctive voice and you could actually hear the lyrics, I have to say is something I’ve not come across in a long while.

Music will always feature in my life as I have a strong musical background. Music & Walking can be great companions. Walking across NYC in the 80s with my Sony Walkman was one of my most enjoyable experiences ever. I had three tapes that I played a lot, Prince Sign of the times, U2 The Joshua Tree, and Sonic Youth Candle.

I have been getting about a bit recently, I also saw The UNTHANKS at The Roundhouse a few weeks back an interesting setup. A folks-influenced group from Newcastle. They cover Robert Wyatt with what is a brilliant version of The Sea.


 Unthank is an actual surname. Strangely enough, in my job, someone called me up with that surname, (not so long after I discovered this group.) That was a strange experience!, (taking that call that is.!)

Speaking of Newcastle- my home town. I discovered THE RAMONAS played at The Think Tank Newcastle. An all-female band, devoted to The Ramones! The singer looked strangely like Joey Ramone! Another night out on the town for me! 

Previously in a recent visit to my hometown, I saw a Ramones cover band they all wore black wigs and were pretty good. I have to say I saw the real Ramones in Queens, New York, back in the early ’80s; they were on the same bill as Meatloaf! The Ramones were all about the energy and are great to listen to for a pick-me-up. 

I know, I bet you’re wondering what’s happening to all the walking?! Music would have been my preferred career choice, but that’s another story.

Plans for Spring Walks

As spring is in the air I have been actively arranging walks. Things are taking shape and it looks like my walking activities will pick up more in the spring. At the time of writing, I’m currently staying at South Shields a five-minute walk from the beach. On Friday evening I walked along the beach with my old flatmate and dog.  

The light was fantastic (I came out without a camera and phone) but it was fantastic to see ships and just a bit of space. I was peeved I hadn’t taken the camera on that walk. I was totally spaced out having arrived up North.


 Pony with a lot of Bread on the menu

I just had to stop to take a shot of this, spotted on a recent walk How much bread can he eat  

There isn’t a lot to say about this walk, but this photo says a lot, this was the most interesting subject of the day. A pony on it’s own with about 20 loafs of bread. What is that about? (and why is this photo so green?)

Pony with a wide selection of bread

Until next time.

I will love you and leave you..x

Happy Easter

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