Meet up groups

  I’m a big fan of Meet Up Groups.

There are tons of Meet up groups on line, for anything you care to imagine. I joined The London WordPress meet up group after, having created a website, and a blog, using their software.  My blog is about walking and places I visit, a sort of journal. It was my first venture into online publishing. Going to a Meet Up Group, was a way of putting my hobby out there. 



lets, Meet Up!

Meet UP Groups, meet at a business hub; where freelancers can congregate to work and do business, as well as meet new people, and learn about the latest developments.

The free beer and pizza helped, as we socialized for half an hour before getting down to business.

It is an open source group, where  you can discuss anything to do with the  software WordPress. Subjects that were new to me, such as writing for search engine optimisation!, and installing widgets, which is the basic stuff.

The space is provided Free of charge by their sponsors.  I’m not very techhie but I got a lot out of the meetings,based in New Zealand House, Haymarket.  It sort of verified that I was doing something worthwhile.  My next meet up group I joined for a walk, was the Explorers Uk Meet Up Group.


Explorers Uk Meet Up Group

Into the woods

Into the trees

I tried my first day out with this Meet Up Group UK Explorers. The leader Tom is an experienced Hill Walker, who guided us on our walk for the day.


Walking along the Chilterns and along the Ridgeway to Ivinghoe Beacon.

Our nine mile hike took in fine open views along the top of the Ridgeway. It was great standing at the top,looking down to where we had hiked from. After enjoying the view, we then  headed on walking through an ancient woodland to the Bridgewater Monument.

The walk ended at a pretty village; supposedly it was the same village featured in the movie Bridget Jones. It was a great day out, and we arrived back in London, in enough time, to take a bath, eat a meal, and go out for a drink.

My walk in Oxted area was not quite what I expected.

This walk was meant to be with my usual walking group.  I wasn’t feeling so bright and bushy tailed, on this particular day. I missed my stop at Woldingham station. The next stop was Oxted, where I got off, thinking about how to get back on track.

As I approached the station entrance, I saw a different group of walkers. They had assumed ‘I was one of them.’ asking me if I was there for the walk.

I figured I might as well join them on their Eight mile walk from Oxted to Woldingham.

Halfway through our walk, my path crossed with my original walking group, I we met in the middle of Hanging Wood.! I waved Hello, as we passed by. I enjoyed the walk despite it getting off to a confusing start.

It worked out alright in the end. All in all the day was good fun, and an easy walk.  Parts of the terrain we walked through were extremely muddy, and we climbed some steep hills. Some of the walk was tough but worth it.

until next time, keep on walking






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