Rye to Hastings walk

Rye to Hastings 13 miles

The Rye to Hastings Walks as described by Walk Leader Margaret Wasdell. “A brisk walk through a wonderful section of the Kent Coast, following parts of the Saxon Shore Way.”

trooping through the fields at Rye

Rye to Hastings

Rye to Hastings how to get there.

An early start from Charing Cross we took the Hastings train then changed to a local network train to Rye.  We walked through the picturesque village of Rye, and downhill across a small bridge over a river at Brede; then up a steep hill, catching a glimpse of the sea as we walked towards an ancient village called Winchelsea. There we had a picnic under the sun in the churchyard of St Thomas the Martyr; incidentally, Spike Milligan was buried there.

 After half an hour’s lunch, we walked on and over some fields towards a 16th-century castle built by Henry the V111. 

We then followed a path alongside the Royal Military Canal & walked briskly for 30- 40 minutes. Then arriving at an open road towards the seafront of Pett Level & further on until approaching The Fairlight National Trust Reserve.

After admiring the views we walked up into woodland for several miles, taking us up to Fairlight Cliffs.
The walk provided us with a stunning view out into the sea and led into Hastings Country Park from there the walk consisted of many steep ascents and descents eventually arriving at Hastings.


Fairlight cliffs

FH000009Did I mention the steep ascents and descents into Hastings? Up and down and Up, and down, then Up, then down again.

Fairlight cliffs

up and down near Hastings


It was an invigorating walk and well worth the effort to get there.

I need to mention that this walk alone made it worth joining up with a walking group. They have experienced guides which without I would have given up. I’m not much of a map reader, but eventually, as I get out more I will start to learn

Until next time.

Enjoy the views


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2 thoughts on “Rye to Hastings walk

  1. I am now subscribed to Ican’texplainmyfeet. and have enjoyed reading them all.
    The writing is done in a light an airy way. Not too much ado about nothing but in a tempting way that might encourage others to try the walks.Pointing out titbits all along the routes.
    The pictures picked out the vast hills and dales and made it even more inspiring.
    Hopefully, one day I might go there and see it for myself.
    Well done Julie!

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