You never can tell what the weather in the UK will be like. If you want to plan a day out on public transport you need to book ahead . I had randomly chosen the 17th of December to visit Faversham again. Not aware it was under the auspiciously named, cold full moon, cold it was. Shiver me timbers! Please feel free to play while you read..

Being near Christmas I was keen to browse the shops and markets. A long walk was not on the cards.

I have passed through Faversham so many times on the way to Whitstable. Despite the cold it was a good day out. Faversham is well worth a visit and the return journey was better on the way back. Some shopping, lunch and a few beers helped to get into something resembling ‘the Christmas mood.’ I have only been out shopping and for xmas lunches a couple of times but I have noticed the crowds are not so big this year. The market was still on but not as busy as it might be at the summer beer festival for example.


Some of the town houses in Faversham town centre were also artists windows/workshops

It wasn’t always easy to tell which houses were peoples living spaces, and which were shops/workshops with some  You can’t help prying through windows which could well be someones living space.! Or a studio.

A smart town house/artist studio in battleship grey.


A closer look inside, not open to the public today but some interesting bits & pieces on display


Many of the houses in Faversham date back to the 15th century

A door next to an old fashioned dispensary

An old fashioned dispensary.


I tried to resist the Apothecary shop

APOTHECARY  traditional shop in FAVERSHAM

The name taken from Apothercary an old fashioned type of chemist!! when I first moved to London I spent a lot of time in Neils Yard covent Gard which has a similar type of feel. All natural ingredients .

I had a quick peek inside and was immediately drawn to the Hemp CBD teabags  I picked up a quick guide to CBD (abbreviation of cannabidiol)everything you need to know by Dr Julie Moltke. For more on books take a look at GOODREADS.COM  other reads can be seen on my inspired reads page.Inspired Reads

CBD not to be confused with CBT although I have now had encounters with both!

I have been interested in trying CBD for ages and just not got round to it. Supposedly it is the cure for all ailments; especially those of the mind, such as depression and anxiety. Both of which I get in equal measures and I’m always looking for cures!! further wandering around and a peek at some other houses walking towards the Quayside.

There was a sign on the front of the building saying go round to the side!

Nothing much around the side so just another peer in the window. A few odd artifices such as a giraffe head, never know when you might want one!

Then a stroll down towards the waterfront on this extremely chilly day. to the right of the picture you see how pretty the small green town houses are.

It was too cold and misty to bother walking too far along the river and as well I had promised I would look around the market and actually buy something! I managed to get:  a pair of fingerless gloves, local honey, vegan cake some plants being sold off, and of course my CBT tea.

Historic Buildings of Kent

I always like a good sign, and not quite sure what the above sign signifies. 
Obviously Faversham has hundreds of listed historical buildings, so maybe this is some kind of award sign.

To end the day we sampled some of the local beers.

Inside the Creekers Tap Micro Pub Preston Street . Faversham is also famous for it’s brewery Shepherd Neam. THE Brewery has a reputation as being one of the oldest and best brewers in the Uk.

Brewery Tours do social distancing.

Unfortunately due to social distancing they were only letting 2 in at a time, so missed out on a tour. Another time I think it will be worth staying overnight, en-route to Whitstable, or start the walk at Whitstable to Faversham. Probably would do that in the summer. Until next time, keep on keeping on.



Happy New Year 2022

Coming up soon, Exploring Essex, Highgate Hills, more roaming the rivers

Keep on Keeping on.



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