WALKS in 2022

Looking forward to loads of walks in 2022.


Its exciting to be able to plan and feel fairly confident that this year will be free from lockdowns fear and paranoia. There are tons of walks in 2022 I want to do. Two places I haven’t  explored yet, are Norwich and Bath. Both worth having a look at.  so far in January I have stayed in London and mainly walked along the Thames around the Twickenham, Richmond area.  Last week when taking the train from Vauxhall, I decided to get off at kew bridge station, which I discovered was next to Brentford football stadium It was on match day at home and there was a buzz about the place.

Why I hadn’t used that station before I’m not sure, although I have walked under the bridge many times, not realising Kew Bridge station is above it. It’s always good to learn something new, no matter how small. As well I’m contemplating some of the new walks in 2022 I aim to do.  There will be lots of short day trips in addition to long walks.

Sometimes a little change in direction can bring a little happiness.

The long walks tend to be better in the late spring& summer.This week I had to opt out of the group walk as I had more urgent matters to attend to. Instead here are a couple of pictures from the last time I did that walk February 2020 after doing dry January. If I recall correctly it was quite sunny (at time) for February, but very muddy as part of the walk required going down a grassy bank where we all ended up skidding all over the place. It was an interesting, varied walk, taking in a bit of history and local culture. You can see that walk here.

Walking in Essex

BOATS/ CLOUDS Leigh on Sea

Where the Thames meets the Sea/

I nearly always get the blues in January

This month I can’t say I’ve really had the blues, what I have experienced is something altogether different.  It is almost indescribable & finding the words to explain the feelings of frustration and anger. Post Covid !  The juggle between optimism and pessimism,  happiness and sadness. There are many reasons for this and it’s  not unusual . As Neil Young would say Out of the blue and into the black. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6RZY4Ar3fw Sometimes I do dwell there. Which does remind me and this is by the by, but I forgot to add Neil Young on to my desert island discs playlist! I’m so looking forward to seeing some live music again. Going out for a whole day and ending up at a gig, sounds like bliss.


looking for happiness? oh yes!

I had vaguely thought about posting a days out from London series, so they would all be shortish walks within a 25 mile radius. Then I changed my mind. For me to  be committed to just writing about 1  place monthly, ( I can’t commit to more than 1 post a month)-sounds like too much work. It also means I would then feel obliged to do all of the tourist things, Until the day comes that someone pays me to write about museums, galleries, cafes and bars, I will stick to wandering off.; something I often do when at a museum!! But still watch this space as I will venture out a lot and come spring things will pick up a lot.


I have loads of walks coming up in  2022 and this post will explore some of that.

walks in 2022

The first walk (I’m not including my random London rambles) is a led walk by one of the South Bank Leaders and it’s not too far away. This is good as it’s February and likely to still be cold. The walk is a Darrent Valley walk from EYNSFORD to Otford a linear walk of about 8 miles, so we may get back before it gets dark if we are lucky.

After that I will be travelling to France for a short family visit. When I return then I will be doing a trial run of the planned walk I will be leading April 24th. I have never led this walk before; but have been led on this walk, a very long time ago. I printed out the walk instructions from the Ramblers Website, and aim to head off with that in hand sometime in March. It could  be a bit hit and miss, as I have found out before, but somehow I get there in the end. Map reading is certainly not something I am good at, so instructions will have to do.


The walk is Along the Stour Estuary to Grayson Perry’s House ending in Wrabmess.

The walk has a lot of variety to it and is roughly around 9.5 miles. I have limited it to 10 people, and two have booked already. Anyone reading this interested. Text me. Anyone interested in spending a weekend in the house that Grayson designed follow this link! A house for Essex.https://www.living-architecture.co.uk/the-houses/a-house-for-essex/overview/


I am more of a roamer at heart

Although I’m capable of leading walks and joining group walks, I like to limit that and not plan too far ahead. I dare to say I probably will lead a walk in the summer as usual and that will be Seaford to Eastbourne about 13- 14 miles. That’s a long way off yet and a lot more to think about until then,


Until next time

Here are a few photos taken from various routes on The Thames. Recent walks have included Eel Pie Island (Twickenham to Mortlake, Kew Bridge to Hammersmith, Putney to Richmond.

some light coming through the clouds at Eel Pie Island

Start of the River walk from Twickenham to Mortlake.

RESOURCEFUL we all need to draw on this from time to time, especially recently, keep at it  that’s all you can do.

Home sweet Home near Hammersmith on the river. Gate to the boat on river.

Last but not least, I did a short walk to The South Bank from Blackfriars to visit The Poetry library. Been a long time since I reached into that resource.


It is my ambition to go much further up river and explore around Reading. I have a couple of walks in mind one being Staines to Reading. Longer days are needed for a full day out and to avoid the frost.





Keep on Keeping on will keep you posted on any new walks I come up with




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