A feast of walking & strange weather!

What a feast of walking & weird weather was June.

During the course of the walk from Eastbourne to Seaford, I endured: hail, sunshine, wind, (against me) rain, some more sun then back to hail. Like a full wash, I was put through the whole cycle. Although I describe June as a feast of walking; the weather wasn’t quite what I expected.  I managed a 12-mile walk from Seaford to Eastbourne enduring some extreme weather;  As well as some time galivanting in Newcastle Upon Tyne then, a 10-mile walk in the city of Edinburgh.

I needed to feel fit to lead a group walk along the Seven Sisters

After all my cliff walking and jogs around the park, I felt more than prepared to lead the Seven Sisters Walk in June, but nothing could have prepared me for the unexpected wild weather.

Darkness looms over the Seven Sisters.


I had been jogging around the park, since December 2018 there are a couple of small hills in Brockwell Park, so running up and down has kept my ankles and legs strong. They can handle hills and cliffs.

I am aware that not keeping fit, will mean each time I do a strenuous walk, such as The Seven Sisters, or Eastbourne to Seaford, I really feel the pain. If I do enough exercise on a regular basis, I can almost take it in my stride. 


Another year leading the walk for The South Bank Walking Group

 I thought this would be a doddle!  I checked the weather report which said high winds but I didn’t give it too much thought. 

Walking into a Storm called Miguel, just along the Seafront at Seaford.


As the train was pulling in at Seaford, I saw the sea was looking wild. There were 13 people waiting outside the train station for me. One of them was keen to advise me, that the wind was blowing in a southwesterly direction. She further warned me, if we walked over the Seven Sisters from East Dean we would have the wind against us. There were predictions of gusts up to 50 miles an hour. They weren’t wrong. I took heed and suggested we walk from Seaford to East Dean instead but this was also problematic.


Walking up to the Seaford reserve with the wind blowing us sideways

 Many of the group were forced to sit down. I made an executive decision to go inland away from the cliffs. With the help of some very experienced ordnance survey map readers, we headed in and through Friston Forest to walk towards East Dean.

The sunshine came out and everything calmed down. No more howling winds, only a bit of a rustle through the trees. The walk turned out well. We were in a lovely part of the South Coast and we started to enjoy the rest of the walk. https://www.sevensisters.org.uk/things-to-do-at-seven-sisters/visitor-centre/

At Cuckmere Haven, the other side of The Seven Sisters there is a fabulous cafe and a tourist centre, with toilets, and places to sit. I found a little spot where I could eat my packed lunch and feel the sun on my face.

Afterwards, I spent some time browsing in the tourist centre I was very tempted to buy a collection of their handmade cards, alongside other interesting items. I didn’t really want to carry them around in a rucksack and get them squashed, so I resisted purchasing anything. Another time.

Now that I have experienced the other side of the Seven Sisters, I shall explore a little more and find some new walks.



Two Blondes Walking have a website, like me, they write about walking. They also run courses in map reading, among other things, The major point I learned that day, was that Stanfords’ Map Shop has moved from Long Acre, Covent Garden, and has now relocated to Mercer St WC2. I hadn’t checked this out before leaving. It was upsetting to arrive, faced with a scribbled note on a closed boarded up door saying it has closed down!


Still, the show must go on. I found Stanford’s new venue and met one of the two blondes. As well we had help from The Ordnance Survey Group, and they were really helpful. Using a compass and a map, we practiced how to find our way back if we got lost in Dartmoor surrounded by fog!  I understand the concept, but my map reading skills are far from expert, and it is unlikely I will have much opportunity to test out in Dartmoor anytime soon.


Live Theatre- The Cheviot The Stag and The Black Black Oil

Live theatre is a small independent theatre tucked in a side street off the Quayside; This was my second visit and I hope not my last.  I hooked up with an old friend to see this Scottish theatre group. The play was about the Scottish Clearances,  Each actor play multiple roles, and they were also multi-talented musicians, and the Fantastic Live Music made this a great fun production.


The Magnificent Bridges overlooking the River Tyne at night.

Out in the ‘toon’ at night!


I decided to go on a day trip to Edinburgh from Newcastle

After an early start waking at 4.45 am!  My energy levels were a bit low. However, I still managed to walk 10 miles that day. I had no real destination as such but I was looking for a vegan cafe called Holy Cow, which was situated off Queen Street in a basement.  Eventually, I found it and got the chance to sit down somewhere relaxing. 

It was generally a day drifting about.  The day was a bit lost on me due to my bleary eyes, and unable to focus on too much. I had better days in Edinburgh. I thought I better do something cultural at some point. As I wasn’t too far from the Scottish National Portrait Gallery,  popped in for a tour. See the link below.



Until next time keep on keeping on.

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