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I understand the difficulty of being an editor. Lately I have been busy editing posts.

I thought I would say a few words about the process of editing posts. The writer in me has struggled to get certain posts out. That sort of takes away the natural writing process. Google will ignore you if you don’t do what they want. That is to name and categorise posts, to tag everything, and to write SEO keywords for each post. I was fantastically enthusiastic when I first started writing about walking. I had only joined a walking group and I don’t know what took me so long to do it. Getting out of London and going for a very long walk, can be very inspiring.


More words from the editor, then I shall get back to more tales from my walkabouts.



The devil is in the detail. Being a walker, sometimes a walk leader & photographer & writer, I have my work cut out for me.

I have been working a lot on editing & I noticed a typo on one of my recent blogs.  I only looked back because I had been getting a lot of pings and track backs, I was curious as to what was happening. I don’t understand pings & track backs but I think it boils down to people spamming the site. They may place their advert on your post, or a link. 

Looking back, over old posts turned into a good idea. Often as a writer I’m excited as I’m writing my point of view or about a place I have visited. It’s so easy to miss a minor detail that can totally ruin an otherwise good post. Thanks for alerting me spammers! Since then I go back to old posts every now & again and really enjoy the process of editing. Adding, taking away, and remembering facts I hadn’t mentioned. Editing is cool. 

Back to my walkabouts. Where I have been in the last few weeks.

The answer is blowing in the wheat!

This sea wheat grass is always stunning  to look at, it stands alone against the sky & against the sea, blowing in the wind. Magical.


I walked from Rye to Hastings again a tough walk with a lot of steep ascents and descents. Just over 14 miles, a circular walk from Lewes, a fantastic walk, but the last 4 miles were tough. At the highest peak in the South Downs we were 590 feet above sea level.

The fantastic spacious South Downs is an excellent place to walk, it took over 5 hours of walking. I’m planning to do two more walks in August and will go back to my 35mm film.


The first walk I’m doing is Lewes to Saltdean which I have done before but not with the group so I will be interested to see what route they take.

A gateway to the Sea at Dover


After a lovely day out but not quite clear enough to see France.

More from Dover next post.



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