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 Photography in posts

I have learned that Photography in posts is an essential part of blogging. After a conversation with a work colleague, I failed to convey any real sense about why I continue to use film instead of digital. Still, even after getting my film developed, I have to decide on maybe 3- 5 pictures to publish in any given blog. I walk, I write about it I take a few pictures. I don’t want to get technical. How do you even choose a digital camera.!

All my cameras have been given to me, and none of them have lasted! SEE some interesting quotes about photography, below.


As always summer in Brixton is a joy to behold!  

Sitting at my desk trying to be productive; the sound of SIRENS going past the window every five minutes, cars zooming down the road at top speed, people shouting into their mobile phones or just shouting generally, to themselves or someone else, is my background soundtrack. 


I‘m still not 100% sure whether I really want to do the 14 miles walk from Rye to Hastings. But I’m getting claustrophobic.  Neighbor’s to either side of me, (A party last night,) possibly another one tonight!. I think I’m going to have to go on the walk

There I have talked myself into it again. I may come back bedraggled with sunstroke but I will give it a go.


My last trip to France was a bit fraught what with the train and taxi strike to contend with

It was an exceedingly hot day and we stopped off here to have a coffee and listen to a sound check for a band performing that evening, so it was HOT & LOUD.


Getting to Cahors from London left me slightly frazzled, ditto coming back, and to top it all the temperature was peaking around 34 Celsius on some days. 

Not my ideal weather by any means. I did not do a lot of walking, far too hot, but there are dedicated walkers passing through the village of Montcuq every day as part of a pilgrimage they do. It’s a famous walk they do and one year I may even do it. Who knows?

Having a film restricts the number of photos you can take, because of the time, & the cost of film development. I like the process admittedly, as I don’t know exactly what I’m going to get. I’m going to try another old digital camera that has been given to me and see how I get on with that. Another thing I love about 35mm film is the quality of the photographs, they have a more artistic look about them, which is difficult to describe.


The river Lot runs through Cahors and onward down towards an area we visited for a picnic by the river and to visit a historic village called Saint-Cirq-Lapopie.

I sat there for a while, pondering. A photograph is equivalent to a thousand words. How could you describe everything you have seen on every walk you have gone to?  I need to go digital I know.

Before visiting France I spent a nice weekend in Newcastle and the coast and the weather was perfect. June has to be my favorite month.

Someone sailing away- wish it was me

perfect day in june tynemouthA perfect day in Tynemouth this photo could be anywhere it was truly lovely, and very relaxing.

port of Tyne june 2014

One of my very favorite sights has to be the bridges over the Tyne, this was taking from the riverside having pub lunch on a Sunday in June.

tyne at nightThe night before walking back from The Cluny having seen The Rezillos,(not seen them since about 1979 at Middlesbrough Rock Garden )

It was a beautiful evening, there was hardly anyone around as well which was strange. The revellers for some reason don’t make it down to the river!! They stay in town.

Then off to a Dover walk around 12 miles
A gateway to the Sea at Dover

A gateway to the Sea at Dover


White cliffs of Dover

White cliffs of Dover



Wild flowers on cliff top Dover

Fantastic wildflowers on a cliff top in Dover

Last but not least... I did not expect to see these on my walk......
Very curious creatures, they ran towards us as they were extremly curious

Very curious creatures, they ran towards us as they were extremely curious


Yes walking can be interesting at times, you have to keep on going and you never know what you might come across.


Until next time

Best Wishes



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