Food for Thought

Food For Thought has been my favourite cafe since the early EightieS

I have very few cafes that I frequent, but first on the list is Food For Thought. It doesn’t stay open too late, so it is more of a lunchtime café and can be a bit pokey. But if you get there early and find a seat it is a real treat.

 Food For Thought based in Covent Garden, serves, delicious vegetarian food? 

There aren’t nearly enough restaurants/cafes like that. Providing Good vegetarian food at decent prices. Food for Thought has survived and kept going strong but hasn’t branched out and turned into a chain. It has kept true to itself which is unusual in this day and age. The only café similar, I know of is Bonnington Café, but that is more of a community café, based in Vauxhall. I don’t live there but have visited on a few occasions. I do remember a morning breakfast of pancakes bananas and maple syrup. Pretty good.

When I was told that I had a tumour in my jaw a month ago I walked from London Bridge Guys hospital into Central London about and around Covent Garden- 


I was running out of steam and I got to the Haymarket, hungry and very much looking forward to eating, and I was heading to the Stockpot another favourite of mine. I got there and was dismayed it had closed down. This was becoming depressing. They aren’t vegetarian but they have a menu that does cater for vegetarians at affordable prices. It was a bit too late to go to Food for Thought. Where are all the decent cafes in LONDON? Why is everything so expensive? What is happening to our city? 


Anybody who has ever gone to the GP and come out being referred on a 2-week pathway ( possible cancer) will know the feeling.


The heat was on, the summer crowds were piling in and I was feeling stifled. I had a biopsy and was thinking about it being cancerous and what that could mean. I figured out whatever the outcome I had no control over it and I would have to wait and see. Of course, the thoughts of my funeral popped up and what I would do should my life be shortened!


The day wasn’t getting any better, and I decided to call it a day and to look forward to my up and coming walk along The Seven Sisters in Sussex.


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Hope all is well.


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