Food for Thought

Food for thought.


AS this is a relatively new blog it’ s difficult to say exactly where I’m going with this. At present I’m making it up as I go along. I have an interest in walking but as well as that I’ am equally interested in writing, reading and music. I may write some reviews when not walking.  So just to summarise this is not a strictly walking blog.

Anyone know that little vegetarian cafe called Food for thought based in Covent Garden,serves,delicious vegetarian food. Not enough restaurants/cafe’s like that. Good prices and decent food. Food for Thought has survived and kept going strong but hasn’t branched out and turned into a chain. It has kept true to itself which is unusual in this day and age.

When I was told that I had a tumour in my jaw a month ago I walked from London Bridge into Central London about and around Covent Garden- The heat was on, the summer crowds were piling in and I was feeling stifled.  Not being able to decide on where to eat  having come straight from work, I was  too anxious to eat  anyway. I was also  disappointed that some of the reliable places  I knew were no longer running business, although Food for thought was still there it was a bit out-of-the-way and closes early in the evening.

You gotta find something positive in any situation .

This blog has been going a year and I’m looking for any contributors who would like to publish a blog about any walk they have done, no matter how small. Just email me any story you might have that I could possibly use. Maps and pictures also very good.

I’m going to carry on doing it but I will be exploring some other ideas I have about writing blogs. Catching up with some on-line research, reading and some writing exercises. I am trying to broaden my horizons still and find a way to get a bigger audience to read my blog and to network with other bloggers. I still got stuff to figure out about WordPress and options, but I’m taking my own sweet time.


Just to remind you.

I will be leading the Seven Sisters Walk on September 14th, it will be the first walk I have ever led.. just stay away from the cliffs edge…

seven sisters cliffs Sussex

All shall be fine.






until next time..


Hope all is well.