Places to visit in April

There are more places to visit in April; the days are longer,it’s a good time for a little adventure)

We weren’t short of Places to visit in April, we started off with a day in Margate. We often visit Margate but rarely spend half a day there. Over the course of the last month I haven’t been short of places to visit. I have been to : Margate, Seaford, Essex, Bristol, all of them were inspiring days out. They say April is the cruelest month, but this year April was a grand time and we found many places to visit.


The first place I Visited was Margate, we walked from Westgate to Margate and had lunch at The Harbour café. The menu caters for most Peoples palates, the prices are reasonable, and the ambience is just right. It is situated opposite the Turner Gallery. I would recommend this café, I always go there when visiting. 

The Harbour Café Bar Margate

At the Turner Gallery

After lunch, we went over to the Turner Gallery to see what was on. They usually have free exhibitions on and we were pleased we saw the Katie Patterson exhibition. 

A place that exists only in moonlight: Katie Paterson & JMW Turner at photography by Stephen White.

Westgate to Margate circular

picture of promotional poster

Night Stars and Moon



Looking out from the Harbour Bar at Margate

The lovely Margate Harbour


The exhibition was mesmerising,a piano quietly tinkled in the background attributing to the magic that exists among the night-time stars.

After the exhibition, it was time to sample some of the Kent Ciders. I was especially taken with the marmalade cider suggested to me by the woman, working in a micro bar along the seafront. My next trip, I vow to sample more of the ciders.  Margate has tons of festivals and events; as well as micro-breweries. After a while gazing out to sea, we geared  ourselves up to carry on walking, along the seafront to Westgate;

 Since December I have been jogging around Brockwell Park weekly. As of yet, I have not managed further than 2.9 miles.

Walking from East Dean to Seaford a couple of weeks ago, the climbing seemed easier than I remembered.  The days are lighter and longer; so travelling further afield is easy. I’m back out, walking the distance, doing the walk.  It’s perfect to practice climbing the steep ascents and descents The Seven Sisters cliffs, and Seaford Nature Reserve; is a fantastic place to take exercise; as well as breathing in the fantastic views, wildlife and sea air.

 I had a day out in Bristol recently and was pleasantly surprised when I arrived.

When stepping off the coach. I was heartened to see the openness of the city, and how the river seemed to be at the heart of it.

 The green spaces give people a place to hang out, it felt stress-free! Maybe it was just in contrast to London. There were many cyclists, and with the central river and many bridges, it had a feel of being a bit like Amsterdam.

I must go back for another day trip. Down by the docks, there are numerous cafes, bars and restaurants. We found a great  table with a place to sit overlooking the river.

Past and Present

There are hardly any highrise buildings and the new buildings in the city merged well with the older style architecture.




The South Bank Group have some good walks this year.

Maningtree to Wrabness, ( A house for Essex)

We took the 9.30 train from Liverpool Street London, on the Norwich train it took about an hour to arrive at our starting point Manningtree.

As we arrived it didn’t look promising. All night long the weather had forecasted hurricanes. So when we were greeted by rain, my heart sunk a bit, but this eased off pretty quickly. All 30 of us walked through town and country, before stopping at The Strangers Home for a sit-down lunch.

Afterwards, we carried on along the estuary ending at Wrabness for a further 4 miles adding up to a 9.5-mile walk.

CURIOUS COWS, not seen a whole load of people walking before, obviously!

Very fast walkers they don’t stop for long!

It’s a wildlife out here!

On our way to Wrabness from Manningtree

I do like a beach hut


 A shrine to Essex 




I had been keen to visit this house for some time, so I’m disappointed we didn’t get a chance to really stop and look at it. The walk had overrun, and it wasn’t possible on this occasion.

As we approached the house we were told to hurry up as we were going to miss the train.! We were in the middle of the country, therefore, would have waited an hour in the station for the next connection.

I had hoped we might be able to go inside but it is not a museum. There is a lottery you can join to get a chance to spend a weekend there. (It’s not cheap!) 



There are figures of naked women all over the side, and the name Julie engraved on top of each figure.

A remote place for a strange house.



The walk to the house from Manningtree was mostly in the countryside, we also walked as along the estuary which was eerily serene. Storm Hannah was there in the distance, at times kicking the sand up into our faces and giving the trees a good shake. No serious damage was done.


Coming up in May 2019


 My Jurassic Coastal weekend for War Child is scheduled for the 10th of May, I intend to walk from Eastbourne to Seaford on Saturday, my last chance for a practice walk! 


Until then keep on keeping on. Please feel free to comment or share.






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  1. Have you tried the Brockwell Park 5K Parkrun? It is at 9am every Sat morning.

    • Yes I did try it Neil, but it was too crowded, so decided to be a lone jogger!!

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