Stow On The Wold

 Stow On The Wold Cotswolds 

My first ever weekend away with The south Bank Ramblers Walking Group visiting Stow On The Wold

 A wake up from my winter slumber I stumbled out of bed & reminded myself it was for my own good and go I did.

We took a train from Paddington to  Stow on The Wold.  It’s not far from Oxford, so that is under 2 hours to get to Morton on Marsh where we caught a 10 min bus ride to Stow on the Wold.

 Away we go!Away we go!

I hadn’t done this sort of thing since I was in my early 20’s, and even then it was with a much smaller group.  The cost was £70 which included accommodation & the remains went into a kitty which covered breakfast and one evening meal.

It was a good deal. We had three nights there and two full days for walking.


Tree Trunks at church door Stow on Wold

Tree Trunks at church door Stow on Wold


Sign to Lower Slaughter

Sign to Lower Slaughter


I was taken with The Old Mill at Lower Slaughter  “voted most beautiful village in the Cotswold.

A shop created by Gerald Harris (well -known Jazz Singer and Crooner) who had said his aim is to create an environment that is a blast from the past. Walking into the shop it’s like walking into a different era, with the music of Ella Fitzgerald and other old jazz artist playing

I would have loved to have bought stuff but I wasn’t really prepared for this and didn’t want to be walking for another 4 miles with cast iron door knobs or whatever!

Shop / Museum/ Cafe at Upper Slaughter

Shop / Museum/ Cafe at Upper Slaughter


Current Stock Includes: Sheepskin Flying Jackets, wool Caps (Patchwork), Oil Paintings, Selected Furniture Pieces, wooden Chopping Boards, leather handbags; Not to mention: saddle stones, books of interest, local walking books, and much, much more!
view of Upper Slaughter

View of Upper Slaughter


MILL IN LOWER SLAUGHTER amazing shop gallery and village

MILL IN LOWER SLAUGHTER amazing shop gallery and village


Monarch’s Way to Broadwell

On the second day, we went along the Monarch’s Way to Broadwell, then via Donnington to Longborough where we stopped for a drink. After that, we went south to Upper Swell for lunch, onto Lower Swell and back to Stow. Lots of strange names, to grapple with and new places to see.

Walking in space!

Walking in space!

A beautiful sunny peaceful day on Sunday. Daffodils in full bloom, sheep grazing & peaceful blue sky, lovely.

“It is a designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the largest in the country, and its quintessentially English charm predominantly spans the counties of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire;  while also reaching into parts of Wiltshire, Somerset, Worcestershire, and Warwickshire.

Longborough a perfect spring day for a lunch time drink. Beautiful.

Longborough a perfect spring day for a lunchtime drink. Beautiful.


 Usually, I go to sleep with the sound of police cars a few blocks away. The occasional helicopter hovering overhead can often enhance the noise pollution. Often this is in the early hours, and not long after I’m awake there is usually the presence of a siren or two. The frequent planes join in with the early morning chorus. I have a fully orchestrated background at all times really, be it a noisy one.

The desire to escape is strong at times, but saying that, it can be extremely disconcerting to be somewhere so quiet


After a couple of days, I really started to relax a little. It takes time and as often is the case, as I start to unwind and get used to my new environment it’s time to go back.

Mushroom seat

Mushroom seat


until next time, put one foot in front of the other and keep on keeping on.. 





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