This Monkey’s gone to Heaven! /Gone to Devon


This monkey’s gone to heaven!” Eh, I mean, this writer’s gone to Devon.

This monkey gone to Devon!


Visiting Devon…

It can be a heavenly place and I have visited some beautiful spots. Unfortunately I don’t get the time to go off when visiting m y brother and young nephews. Perhaps when there older, we can go a bit further afield. I did try to find a walk with a group based in Devon, via the Ramblers website, but there was nothing near to Torquay on my recent visit. 

My brother had told me of a 13 mile walk from Brixham to – Kingswear.

I would be happy for a 3- 5 mile walk on this occasion. A walk I can do from the seafront. Next time I will explore further. 

AFTER THE RAIN comes the sun.



Also, getting back to the feet, I haven’t walked any great distance in these walking shoes I bought recently from Clarks, size 6 and a half!.  

It is a weird one, the floppy toe syndrome! I can’t explain it I really can’t. The podiatrist offered a sort of explanation, which went a bit over my head.   There was some kind of operation that I could have but if it was anything like the surgical procedure to remove a verruca I don’t think I will bother. 

I have yet to get into the habit of strapping my toes together to support them, but the podiatrist did show me how that was done! I will be  taking my ASIC running shoes as a back- up, as they give me no problems at all, they are great but being white not suitable for muddy paths etc.

Pictures from Devon and blog about walk will be on its way too you soon.


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3 thoughts on “This Monkey’s gone to Heaven! /Gone to Devon

  1. here goes ! i do hope it posts 🙂 i wanted to comment under the Newcastle photos . I love the the black and white pictures . Enjoy Devon , i did a few rambles down there 2 year ago and loved it . x

  2. I know you have been in some pain for many months or is it years… but I did find this blog rather amusing. Must be the way you write.
    I am surprised also that you are still walking!

  3. Devon’s close enough to Heaven! hope you fit in some cream teas on your ramble.

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