Walking With The Beast

I’m Walking- I’m just walking, I’m walking with The Beast!

Taking that long-needed walk can release the beast in all its might; Throw it around a bit, wrestle with it, and hopefully beat it. I am fond of a song called  Walking with The Beast. (  RIP Jeffery Lee Pierce. ) An ode to depression.  It is something I can relate to, I can describe it as that suffocating feeling like an Incubus nightmare; when you feel smothered and overwhelmed.

sun coming down at Eastbourne

Nearly there yet.? Along the cliff tops.


I have been writing about Walks and things discovered along the way for some years now. It’s an infinite subject.

Are you walking away from someone or something? Or towards an event; walking for charity? on a Demo, a stroll in the park, walking for health, walking with the Beast? I love my little 25-minute lunchtime walk, it can take the edge off as I leave my desk, log out of my computer and phone, and walk up Camberwell Grove to smell the roses!


My planned walk from Seaford to Eastbourne



Fortunately, the sun came out in the afternoon which made for a very pleasant day walking. We covered the actual Seven Sisters in an hour and got to Eastbourne at 5 pm. We had walked 15 miles by the end of the day. That is a fair old shuffle and enough to shake off those blues.

picture of walkers at Beachy Head

walking from Seaford to Eastbourne, a bit too busy clifftop


The Wellcome Institution. 

I have been popping in there for some years now. You never know what you will find once inside. It is an amazing venue.I rarely plan a visit there, and I’m seldom disappointed with what’s showing. I usually come away feeling a bit more inspired than I did when I first walked in. 


Strange picture of Bull with sperm straws on his back!

Strange Beast indeed!


A series of large photographic portraits of bulls at an Irish stud farm Dovea Genetics.

 The sculptures represent different characteristics that are being bred into cattle such as being hornless, being able to withstand changes in climate. The colourful straws are semen straws! Somewhat complex content. See the Link Below for full details. If that wasn’t strange enough I then find this!

Under –

A Video Installation

2 video projections named Under ;exploring the 3 elements which measure free diving:  time, distance and depth
Each of the Under films was entirely shot and performed on a single breath of air in the Red Sea.

Until next time, keep on keeping on.

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