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Sharing Blogs

 I  write about walking when I’m out walking my thought processes can change from depressed to excited. I’m not writing for the Ramblers or any other organisation. Sharing Blogs from other writers and journalists is part of the blogger etiquette. Don’t hold on to it, pass it around.

 I went on a Yoga retreat a couple of years ago in Scotland and this yoga teacher is also a writer.  He is devoted to yoga and Buddhism in a way I am unlikely to ever be, but I do enjoy reading his blogs. 


The Buddhist Centre is based in Scotland. where I visited in 2011. I have edited some snippets from Manjuaga’s Spring Blog.

Some of my pictures from the retreat

quiet road

On 29th May 1913, a new ballet was premiered at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris.

The avant-garde nature of the music & the new modern form of choreography caused a riot.   Violence broke out in the audience.The music for the ballet was composed by an unknown composer called Igor Stravinsky with choreography by the famous Russian dancer Vaslav Nijinsky.

The ballet was called The Rite of Spring and had a pagan theme.


what artists such as Stravinsky and Nijinsky taught was a dynamic invention. They broke away from tradition, this scared people. They risked and dared to explore new forms of music & dance. Something new emerged and a new art form was created.
 “If we perceive our life with very rigid concepts then we will find ourselves challenged by our direct experience. The experience is often offering us something very different. This is what the audience in Paris was struggling with when they encountered The Rite of Spring. Yoga is also a teaching, in its very nature is open and flexible. Doing these movements on a daily basis can help to free us of our rigid stances. Managua teaches this philosophy through movement.  To move is to awaken, to stretch is to be alive. We all get rigid in our thoughts and movements. Shaking things up and getting rid of outdated beliefs is something worth sharing.

“All of the stability in our life is conceptual, all of the change in our life is experiential”. – James LowBuddhist teacher




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