The many benefits of walking

Recently I have walked on average about 30 miles a week

There are many benefits of walking; I walk to work and back daily, which is under 4 miles. On top of that, I  add on a little lunchtime walk. With an occasional meeting to attend, this sometimes gives me the chance to get out of the office and walk down the hill and back. My frequent short (4-8 miles) weekend walks, can vary.

There are many benefits of getting out walking with a group;

Meeting up with other people and seeing new places, can be a real boost. Switching off from my own internal dialogue and having the opportunity to chat with a group, can be very relaxing. Sometimes, I do enjoy a bit of solitude and walk to unravel. As well I walk to discover new routes and shortcuts, often taking the back streets to avoid traffic, and look at architecture, landmarks, statues, and gardens.


The Benefits of walking

The benefits of what I call off-the-cuff walks are when I don’t know exactly where I’m going but I have a vague plan. These are my favorite walks. Walking in London you never know what you will come across.


Last Sunday was unexpected, as I turned off the King’s Road Chelsea, to walk along the embankment. I came across a bike race, hundreds if not thousands of cyclists, zoomed along the embankment, which was traffic-free, the sound of them all was great. They were wearing various bibs, stating which charity they were raising money for. The sound of the bikes racing along made a really nice change from cars, lorries, and coaches. Wardens helped pedestrians make a run for it over the road.

I walk therefore I am!

I am currently reading a book called A History of Walking, by Rebecca Solmut. My favorite chapter so far is –The Solitary stroller and the city. Will Self, quotes it as ‘Magisterial’. I love this snippet that says it all, taken from a radio interview with Patti Smith (Rock Poet/Singer)  when asked about what she did to prepare for her performances onstage -she came back with.

I would roam the streets for a few hours”

Rebecca Solmut goes on to say, how this summoned up her own outlaw romanticism and the way walking might toughen and sharpen the senses.  Meanwhile, back in Kent.


Moody and magnificent TEYNHAM CIRCULAR – KENT

Curious Sheep at the start of walk Teynham Kent


A mostly flat walk following Saxon Shore Way along the sea wall of The Swale, with views to the Isle of Sheppey. This wild and wonderful 5-mile stretch is rich in birdlife and, in the Oare Marshes Nature Reserve, rare Konik horses have been seen grazing. We walked back to Teynham station via Oare Creek and village and then an inland route through orchards.

Teynham is a large village and civil parish in the borough of Swale, Kent, England.
The parish lies between the towns of Sittingbourne and Faversham, immediately north of the A2 road, and includes the hamlet of Conyer on an inlet of the Swale. The channel separates mainland Kent from the Isle of Sheppey.


Wild, n dry Thistle, Oare, Kent.

We walked about five miles looking out along the SWALE looking out, towards the Isle of Sheppy.  The sky was hazy, but the breeze was much appreciated. After we left the waterside, we headed back inland towards Oare, which is based on the edge of Luddenham marshes.


Walking through the apple orchids, some scrumptious looking apples.


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Until next time; keep on keeping on.

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