I can’t explain my feet best walks of 2014-2015

I can’t explain my feet the best walks of 20142015

I can’t explain my feet’ The best of my walks from 2014 -2015. It has been fun to collate. Every year is different and I look back and read my posts. How did I find the time to do all that?  I can’t explain my feet best walks of 2014-2015 shows some fabulous walks, photographs, and great posts. I will continue collating favourite blogs from 2016-2017 in August I Hope that you enjoy reading I can’t explain my feet’ best walks of 2014-2015. 

February 2014 Westgate to Margate...

A familiar stroll along the coast – See archives for more stories and pictures Westgate to Margate revisited February 8th 2014



May 2014 Urban Landscape

Excel/ Docklands Trinity Buoy Wharf

One of my favorite off-the-cuff walks.

The entrance to the Wharf has a varied display of street art, sculpture & murals.

A musical tide chimer….

July 2014 Photography in Posts .

Photography in posts

Wildflowers on a cliff top Dover


Photography is another tricky art form, depending on what camera you use will determine whether you can size your photographs online. After a lot of experimenting with different cameras, I realised that I need One phone just for pictures & the other for maps, when out on very long walks. Occasionally I like to use a 35 mm camera. 

SEPTEMBER 2014 -Thorney Island! A strange hypnotic walk

Rolling rollin rollin

Bales of Hay in Sussex


Thorney Island

Thorny Island looking out to sea




Broken up at sea…


Thorney Island! A strange hypnotic walk

My favorite walks of 2015

Rambling on, is a way of describing someone who is talking a lot from one subject to the next, not necessarily coherently, or accurately but often; hopefully entertaining. Writing about walking and rambling I Hope to achieve some sort of readable stories.

 Mad as the Mist and Snow- March 2015

Mad as the mist and snow is one of my favorite blogs.  Although in the main most of my ramblings are about walks, my posts can include anything along the way.Mad as the Mist and Snow- March 2015

April Oh April

I love these photos taken at Peckham Rye Station with a 33 mm camera, they look picturesque.  I just love open spaces and railway lines.  April is always a good time to get out walking.

35 mm film can sometimes produce an artistic looking photograph, this looks very Edward Hopper to me!

April  2015, spent a lot of time walking about London along the river. I have some of the best days doing this.


Greenwich meantime clock /Keeping an eye on the time walking from Blackheath to Greenwich



July 2015 -Cudham Circular

Watch your head!


A great day of surprises, including this bird of prey we encountered en route. Afterwards we  visited a fantastic wild garden, opened for public viewing.. An inspirational garden, meeting the owners was a real bonus. The walk was led by Judith Robertson.

No Brainer! Do not walk in the midday sun…. see my July Cudham Garden Walk.



September 2015 A perfect day

Walking from Chesham to Missenden




October 2015 Belfast

I had lived in Galway and travelled quite a bit in The Republic of Ireland. I did a degree in Humanities as a mature student and chose Irish Studies as my main subject.

Up until October 2015  I had never visited Belfast and thought it was about time I did. I cried on the tour bus going through the Sectarian area of West Belfast in the Falls Road area. See October 2015 archives for full article.


Belfast Northern Ireland September 2015

People travel from afar to see The Giants Causeway County Antrim



December 2015 Dirty Boots South Shields

 I love visiting the place I was born. I have started re-visiting over the last few years.



Dirty Boots







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